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“These other initiates must also be taken into account, and they are those within the brotherhoods who are termed, ‘brother of the left hand path’, namely, those who make use above all of every kind of impulse involving matters of power that can be brought into human evolution” Rudolf Steiner 1861-1925 -Secret Brotherhoods and the Mystery of the Human Double.

Behind the scenes of external events there are organisations who work tirelessly to achieve certain objectives, kept hidden from the mass of humanity. One of their most guarded secrets is known in occult circles as the Eighth Sphere. It is one of the the most challenging and difficult subject to comprehend but without at least some idea of its relationship to the aims of certain forces of evolution, the author of this article believes that a true understanding of current events is impossible. There is a section specifically about the Eighth Sphere but in fact the whole article is about this subject.

Continuing to deny or refusing to speak about other levels of reality robs humanity at this point of the insights needed for a genuine and thorough understanding, and of countering effectively the events that are unfolding at breakneck speed.

The Author does not hold any one religious, philosophical or political view but is only concerned with trying to see through outer events and better understand the truth. If one endeavours to do so with an open mind, a threshold is reached beyond which a purely physical disclosure of events falls short of explaining to the satisfaction of a logical and reasoning mind, plausible reasons for much of what takes place in our world. Do we accept an unfulfilling answer or look beyond? If we have the courage to go further, a vista opens up, one revealing an outer play, the actors therein being part of a cosmic drama, the foundation of which lies not in the physical world but in other levels of reality. The author hopes to show that the imprints of those other layers can be found within the very fabric of physical events. There have always been those who are able to perceive supersensibly but in our modern era of intellectual, scientific-based thinking we have tended to ignore their findings. What if human beings have now reached a point in their evolution where they can not only learn to ‘see’ beyond the threshold of the physical world in full wide-awake consciousness, but are able to apply their objective thought-processes in order to explore and conduct research in those other dimensions of being? One does not need to be able to perceive these other levels of reality in order to understand the results of other researchers’ findings, or to see how events in these other realms become known to us in the material world as observed through our physical sense organs. Clear logical thinking, common sense and an open mind are all that is required. The following is meant as an overview of the human adventure, a starting point for research, not as a finished thought-structure of understanding.

The Representatives of the adversarial power’s war on humanity and the plan for its enslavement has just became overt and obvious. Could the casualties of this war total more than any other?

Bloomberg / Johns Hopkins / WHO / Public Health

In 2010 one of the top NGO think tanks, The Rockerfeller Foundation, wrote the following as a potential scenario in the event of a future global pandemic:

“A world of tighter top-down government control and more authoritarian leadership, with limited innovation and growing citizen pushback.”

“The Chinese government’s quick imposition and enforcement of mandatory quarantine for all citizens, as well as its instant and near-hermetic sealing off of all borders, saved millions of lives, stopping the spread of the virus far earlier than in other countries and enabling a swifter post- pandemic recovery […]

The pandemic also had a deadly effect on economies: international mobility of both people and goods screeched to a halt, debilitating industries like tourism and breaking global supply chains. Even locally, normally bustling shops and office buildings sat empty for months, devoid of both employees and customers […]

…consortium of Foundations Launches Third Green Revolution as food shortages loom.

During the pandemic, national leaders around the world flexed their authority and imposed airtight rules and restrictions, from the mandatory wearing of face masks to body-temperature checks at the entries to communal spaces like train stations and supermarkets. Even after the pandemic faded, this more authoritarian control and oversight of citizens and their activities stuck and even intensified […]

In developed countries, this heightened oversight took many forms: biometric IDs for all citizens, for example, and tighter regulation of key industries whose stability was deemed vital to national interests. In many developed countries, enforced cooperation with a suite of new regulations and agreements slowly but steadily restored both order and, importantly, economic growth.

Without the ability to boost economic activity, many countries saw their debts deepen and civil unrest and crime rates climb. The United States, too, lost much of its presence and credibility on the international stage due to deepening debt, debilitated markets, and a distracted government.” The Rockefeller Foundation- May 2010

In 2009 Scott Silverman CEO of VeriChip corporation, a company with backing from IBM, developed the first commercially available RFID (radio frequency identification) implantable microchip:

“… we are moving beyond patient identification to sensors that can detect and identify illnesses and viruses such as influenza. This is an exciting next step for the future of our healthcare division.”- Scott Silverman- CEO of VeriChip Corp.

Varichip signed a deal with Receptors LLC who successfully completed phase 1 development of a In VivoGlucose sensing RFID microchip.

“An Integrated Sensor System for the Detection of Bio-Threats from Pandemics to Emerging Diseases to Bio-Terrorism,”- Available May 7, 2009

Project Checkmate

In 2006 IBMs Project Checkmate was born.

Project Checkmate
Aspects of the project included:

• “Reconstructed 1918 pandemic virus to study disease properties”

• “Completed Hemagglutinin from 1918 pandemic & H5N1 avian viruses”

• “Reverse genetics to reconstruct influenza viruses to test computation and experimental predictions of antigenic variation (Palese)”

The Bush Initiative

“The effort began in the summer of 2005 when Mr. Bush, already concerned with bioterrorism after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, read a forthcoming book, “The Great Influenza,” by John M. Barry, about the Spanish flu outbreak of 1918.”- The New York Times

Out of this project came the modern take on social distancing. In 2007 it became official US policy, the strategy was updated in a document published in 2017.

False Flag Operations

“We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis…” – David Rockefeller

On March 25, 2020, researchers at the University of Alaska Fairbanks issued the final report of a four-year computer modelling study on the collapse of World Trade Centre Building 7.

“Contrary to the conclusions of NIST, the UAF research team finds that the collapse of WTC 7 on 9/11 was caused not by fires but by the near-simultaneous failure of every column in the building.” Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth

The results are conclusive, indisputable proof that the official 9/11 story presented by the US Government and mainstream media was a lie. False flag events have always been used in warfare, saying so is not conjecture or conspiracy theory it is fact. Civilian deaths in warfare are known as collateral damage. The casualties of the 911 false flag event were thousands on the day of the attacks and millions in the war on terror that has taken place since that time. The sweeping changes to society and the loss of freedom mark a post 911 world. Some of the objectives for the 911 attacks were laid out before hand in the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) document published in the year 2000. Members of the think tank, who produced the report, included the former U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, the Vice President of the U.S. during the George W. Bush administration, Dick Cheney and the ex-President of the World Bank and former U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Paul Wolfowitz. the document lists a number of regimes that the group viewed as “deeply hostile to America”. “North Korea, Iraq, Iran, Libya and Syria” (p.63 & p.64)

“Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor.” PNAC (p.63)

Another characteristic of false flag events are drills and exercises, similar or identical to the actual events, carried out, before, at, or around the same time as the actual events. In relation to Covid 19 there were at least four related exercises of significance, Dark Winter was held in 2001 before the 911 false flag event, SPARS in 2017, Clade X in 2018 and Event 201 in 2019.

“Whenever people give way to fatalism instead of making decisions through their own power of judgment, they show their inclination to the Eighth Sphere.” Rudolf Stiner- The Occult Movement in the Nineteenth Century, Lecture Five

The Objectives Of Covid19

“What is the hardest thing of all? That which seems the easiest. For your eyes to see, that which lies before your eyes.”– Goethe

Throughout history we have always had, epidemic, pandemic and endemic diseases. The live COVID19 pandemic exercise has been managed differently from all other biological threats such as the 1917 Spanish Flu, 1968 Hong Kong Flu, 2002 West Nile Virus, 2004 Sars, 2005 Bird Flu, 2009 Swine Flu, 2014 Ebola, HIV, etc. (all other questions aside);

Is the massive damage to the fabric of society in relation to mental health, the destruction of small/medium business/independent livelihoods, increased poverty, starvation and misery across the whole world etc, really a solution to pandemic no matter how bad? Throughout history untold millions have died fighting for the few freedoms that we enjoy today. Do we want to live in a world where we have inalienable rights or not? This is a yes or no answer, not a sliding scale.

“Coronavirus doctor’s diary: We’re getting self-harming 10-year-olds in A&E” – BBC News

“the number of years of life lost to lockdown is many times greater than the number of years of life lost to covid-19” – The Lockdowns Have Killed Millions

“STUDY: COVID Lockdown Harms Are 10 Times Greater Than Benefits” – Ari Joffe Academic Study

“SA researchers say lockdown ‘nearly 30 times more deadly’ than disease” – THE SOUTH AFRICAN

“2020 Was Especially Deadly. Covid Wasn’t the Only Culprit.” – New York Times

Look at what happened in Sweden and South Dekota, two places that didn’t lockdown (Sweden have now increased measures) and then consider that the known known psychological coercion techniques used by governments and propagated by the media have specific objectives, many of which have been openly discussed and laid out in great detail by globalist organisations such as the World Bank, The World Economic Forum, The UN, The Council on Foreign Relations, The Royal Institute for International Affairs, The Trilateral Commission and The Club of Rome etc:

• A global economic and social ‘reset’ accelerating the introduction of a new economic system built upon digital blockchain-based credit systems, leading to quantum based financial architecture capable of operating in both physical and virtual reality; forcing the commoditisation of human interaction and all aspects of life.

The destruction of many people’s independent livelihoods, creating new data driven financial markets including human capital markets and poverty management as well as dependence upon the state through a going direct financial system that requires everyone to have a digital identify linked to a digital wallet.

• The preparation – both legislative and psychological – for new ways of dealing with increasing epidemic and pandemic illnesses, catalysed by the combined damaging effect on all life from ever increasing levels of internal and external toxins and electromagnetic radiation from Starlink Satellites and ground-based 5G/6G transmitters and receivers that will be connected to an ever-increasing number of wireless devices including bio-integrated computers. Electromagnetic radiation weakens and represses the whole body system, making it susceptible to viral and bacterial imbalance and all kinds of disease; a scapegoat is needed for the coming fallout from increased radiation levels and an increasingly toxic world.

• The acceleration towards the full implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals [see below] through a Technocratic world order (a new global operating system), facilitated by infra-structure and societal changes that move people away from the real world towards the virtual, ultimately leading to bio-integrated computer brain interfaces with updatable operating systems. People being like applications running within the larger computer-based framework.

• The complete surveillance and control of society culminating in a new paradigm of gene-altering transhumanist technologies and medical treatments merging man with the internet. Integrated bio-sensors in the form of quantum dots, hydrogel and/or similar lead the way to computer brain interfaces and full entanglement.

Drastic changes within the three aspects of society: Political, Cultural and Economic are required for the implementation of the above objectives.

“This one month, two months period has brought forth 10 years of forward change. So, all of a sudden, the Internet is no longer optional. It’s fundamental to doing business, to operate, to live our lives.” Eric Schmidt (Google) –Face the Nation

The Sustainable Development Goals – AKA Technocracy

“The environmental crisis will be the international disaster that will unlock the NEW WORLD ORDER, One World Government .” Mikhail Gorbatjov- 1996 Monetary and Economic Review on page 5

Technocracy could be described as a society made to run like a machine, within it, human beings are like components within a mechanism that is programmed by the authority of ‘science’, which relies on data for modifying its conclusions and thus the control circuits of the machine.

“So today with the operation of our technological mechanism, the control measures that must and will be adopted are those that most nearly conform to the technological operating requirements of that mechanism.” Technocracy Study Course–1934

1933 was a most important year for many reasons. Around this time an idea coalesced resulting in a movement known as Technocracy. According to author Patrick Wood, it was the first time in history that a completely new economic model was proposed. In Wood’s book, Technocracy Rising, he shows that the idea never really went away. In 1973 David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski co-founded the Trilateral Commission with the aim of creating a New International Economic Order (NIEO). From that time modern globalisation has transformed the global economic structure. The pieces for this new system are now all in place! A final catalyst and reason for full implementation of Technocracy is all that was needed. As NIEO created the framework, the Club of Rome created the reason (the climate ‘emergency’) and the E.U. the legislation for implementation.

“Technocrats do not let themselves be bothered with such loose words, but concern themselves instead, with a clearly defined blueprint of social control.” Technocracy Study Course–1934

In 1992 at The Earth Summit held in Rio Janeiro, the E.U. presented the Agenda 21 document, which was subsequently adopted as policy by much of the world. Around 2015 through three U.N. events it was given definition and a new time-frame. The first event was the U.N. Sustainable Development Summit held in New York which produced The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The second was the U.N. Climate Change Conference held in Paris that produced the Paris Agreement On Climate Change. The third was Habitat III held in Quito, Ecuador, that produced the New Urban Agenda.

“As you consider these three major UN events as a whole, you will note a) the 2030 Agenda sets out the overall goals and framework of sustainable Development, b) the Paris Agreement provides the rationale for achieving the goals and c) the New Urban Agenda provides the action plan and specifics to implement it in every community on earth.” – Patrick M Wood, Technocracy, The Hard Road To World Order

The basis for Technocracy is a resource-based economic system that uses energy as its accounting system in contrast to our price-based system of supply and demand that uses money as its accounting system. The actions and thoughts of human beings, both real and in virtual worlds, should also be seen as being able to consume and create in this system.
Energy Currency
Carbon credits and Cap and Trade programmes are central to sustainable development. The theme of the Social Transformation Conference 2012 held in Split, Croatia, was Energy Currency. Some themes and titles from the conference illustrate the point: “Energy as the Fundamental Measure of Price, Cost and Value”, “Sustainable Money for a Sustainable Economy” and “Money, Energy and Sustainability”.

“…money fails to meet our requirements as our medium of distribution.” Technocracy Study Course–1934


The first and second requirements from the Technocracy Study Course are (1) “Register on a continuous 24-hour-per-day basis the total net conversion of energy” and (2) “By means of the registration of energy converted and consumed, make possible a balanced load.” Smart meters, the smart grid and the ‘smart’ devices that will make up the Internet of Things will make these objectives a reality. The fifth requirement from the Technocracy Study Course is to “Provide specific registration of the consumption of each individual, plus a record and description of the individual.” Decisions pertaining to Sustainable Development are data driven according to the scientific method. Google, Facebook and Amazon together have thousands of data points on a growing number of the global population. As will be shown throughout this work, big data can not only be used to make decisions but also to programme the social organism like a machine.


Technocracy States: “There must likewise be continuous analysis of data and resources pertaining to the continent as a whole, both for the purpose of coordinating current and determining long-time policies as regards probable growth curves in conjunction with resource limitations and the like.” Sustainable Development is obsessed with the control of resources, conservation and preservation.

“UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development is the action plan implemented worldwide to inventory and control all land, all water, all minerals, all plants, all animals, all construction, all means of production, all energy, all education, all information, and all human beings in the world. INVENTORY AND CONTROL” Rosa Koire

Three billion people currently have Facebook accounts and the Libra cryptocurrency is ready to be rolled out. It is unlikely that there will be just one single global digital currency, although one such as Libra (Diem) may form the foundation. A great number of ‘decentralised’ coins and tokens, giving the illusion of autonomy, is more probable. The fact that they will be digital and in time quantum based should be seen as the main connecting factor. Unlike bitcoin Libra (Diem) has the transaction speed and capacity for a functioning global currency.

“What if a small group of world leaders were to conclude that the principal risk to the Earth comes from the actions of the rich countries?… In order to save the planet, the group decides: Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?” Maurice Strong- founder of the UN Environment Programme

A report by the UN finds that COVID 19 is “reversing decades of progress on poverty, healthcare and education.” So, take away the utopian ideas of the Sustainable Development Goals and what are we left with?

“Now, due to COVID-19, an unprecedented health, economic and social crisis is threatening lives and livelihoods, making the achievement of Goals even more challenging.” UN Secretary-General António Guterres

“An unprecedented response is needed when monetary policy is exhausted and fiscal space is limited. That response will likely involve “going direct”: Going direct means the central bank finding ways to get central bank money directly in the hands of public and private sector spenders.” – BlackRock Dealing With The Next Downturn.

Game Logic = Characters Managed Via Ethereum Contracts and AI Policing

Game Assets = Blockchain Ledgers Hold Rewards, Powers, and Valued Items

Players = People Are “Brands,” Avatars With Real Time Social Credit Scoring

Game Board = Word Of Internet of Things Sensors, Fundamentally Militarised

Tasks – Quests = Pathways, Nudges, Tokenised Behaviours

Navigation = Regulated by Biosecurity Police State – Weaponised “Health.”

Scoring = Data Extractivism – “Smart” Life fuelling Social Impact Markets

Alison McDowell – Wrench in the Gears

The world economic forum is an unelected body and yet has laid out the blueprints for the new technocratic world that is to be built as the old one is deleted.

“Society’s operating system needs an upgrade. The model we have been using is simply not up to the challenge of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. A new era is unfolding at breakneck speed.[…] We need to think and act quickly. At the World Economic Forum’s Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we are laying the foundations for a new, global “operating system (OS)” World Economic Forum

The new global operating system is based upon the idea of technocracy. The free enterprise capitalist economic model is not compatible with the new system so an excuse and final catalyst for the controlled demolition of the world’s economic system was required.

In 2015, the Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, Christiana Figueres, stated:

“This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time, to change the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years since the industrial revolution.” Stated at a press conference in Brussels

As the reset is implemented a last massive transfer of peoples wealth, in the form of bailouts to corporations, banks etc and the massive scam of quantitative easing that pumps up the stock market, making the richest in society richer. 

‘The pandemic led to ‘one of the greatest wealth transfers in history’ – Jim Cramer

Small and medium business have no choice but to get into debt traps in order to survive. The economic and Governmental financial collapse paves the way to a welfare society (Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk, think it’s time) with strings attached. A technocratic mix of communism, fascism, collectivism and feudalism, run by a world government created out of the ashes.

“The most effective principle of modern times that can be used to extend one’s power over the number of people one wished to use is the economic principle, the principle of economic dependence.” Rudolf Steiner- Individual Spirit Beings and the Undivided Foundation of the World: Part 3

In a world of finite resources, the infinite growth required for greed based capitalism is unsustainable. Within virtual worlds there is no limit to potential consumption and production, economic growth could be effectively de-coupled to a large extent from natures limited resources. Space is unlimited and dimensions of experience only limited by our imagination. What does Sustainable Development really mean? Our children’s jobs will be to build this vast new virtual universe; as they code they will transfer a part of their thinking and intelligence into this new sphere.

“The Fourth Industrial Revolution, finally, will change not only what we do but also who we are. It will affect our identity and all the issues associated with it: our sense of privacy, our notions of ownership, our consumption patterns, the time we devote to work and leisure, and how we develop our careers, cultivate our skills, meet people, and nurture relationships. It is already changing our health and leading to a “quantified” self, and sooner than we think it may lead to human augmentation. The list is endless because it is bound only by our imagination.” World Economic Forum – The Fourth Industrial Revolution: what it means, how to respond.


A blockchain is a distributed ledger. They can be used for logistics, finance, tracking goods or people, really any form of information that would benefit from being decentralised and secure. Imagine you make an agreement with someone, a contract to exchange goods and pay for them by instalments. You both sign a contract and keep a single ledger, updated and signed by both parties each time an instalment is made. Now imagine if the contract and ledger were lost and that one of the parties was less than honest and refused to pay the remaining instalments. This could be a difficult issue to resolve legally. Now contrast that situation to the following. A similar agreement could be made during a monthly online meeting using Zoom or another piece of software that the two people ‘attended’. This time the contract is witnessed by all the people ‘attending’ the zoom meeting and a screenshot of the contract is taken by all the attendees. Each month any payments are witnessed and written down by all the attendees. This is a basic example of what a distributed ledger is and one example of what they can be used for. They are distributed or non-centralised because the same information is stored at different locations as opposed to centrally. In a digital blockchain system the information could be stored on thousands or even millions of devices both on and off line, making it theoretically impossible to alter the ledger once it has been written as a significant number of all the ledgers would have to be changed for consensus to be reached.
Blockchains are an important part of the infrastructure of the Technocratic world order. They will support cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, identity management and many other aspects of the system.

“The Going Direct Reset is about the reengineering of our financial system. The U.S. dollar reserve currency system is aging, and plans are underway for a new global financial system aimed at increasing centralized global control through the use of digital technology and telecommunications and the end of liquid currencies as we know them.” – Catherine Austin Fitts  The Solari Report

Crypto Currencies/Programmable Money and the Quntum Financial System

Our system of commerce is based upon maritime admiralty law. A mother gives birth to a child by way of the birth canal, after which it is given a birth cirtificate allowing it to take part in our system of commerce. You are then given citizen-ship. In a court room the defendant is in the dock. The flow of money around the system takes place using currencies. Liquidity is the amount of money that is readily available. Within a river or canal the banks control the flow of currents, ripples of water are expressed as the larger currents move.

Let us now look at some of the most important crypto currencies.

Bitcoin (BTC)- A store of wealth? Many people think of it as digital gold.

Ethereum (ETH) –The Ethereum blockchain can be used for smart contracts, these can facilitate all kinds of interactions between businesses and individuals. Interestingly the etheric, as referred to in spiritual science is a world that connects us all. It is the first non-physical level beyond the physical, a time world of interpenetrating rhythms that connects and directs the formation of all life.

Ripple (XRP) – Designed for ‘bank to bank’ transfers, it could potentially replace the Swift payment system that we use today.

Diem (formally Libra) – Is a stable coin, meaning its value should be stable as it is based upon a number of other currencies and assets throughout the world. It is designed for mass use. Its logo is three waves that could be seen to represent massive currency flow.

“What you need for wealth creation is not just financial capital, its human capital, its social capital, its natural capital.” – Klaus Schwab on Stakeholder Capitalism

CBDC (Central bank digital currencies) – The last part of a new financial system that is all but in place is the issuance of digital dollars and pounds etc. These will to start with form the foundation of the new cashless society. It is possible that they will make the other crypto currencies obsolete however it is more likely that the other cryptos within a gamified society will form the top layer of a new quantum based financial system.

 A single, potentially quantum based, world digital currency such as Diem, fully backed by central banks could potentially be used instead of digital dollars and pounds etc; that however would be a big stretch for people to accept at this stage, short of massive global financial collapse. Another potentiality would be two underlying CBDC systems, one eastern and one western.

Wealth Creation, Debt and Asset harvesting

The foundation of all wealth is the Earth. When our labour works upon the resources of the earth wealth is created. All other activity that generates wealth is secondary as before anything else human beings require food and shelter in order to survive. Money is the mechanism which facilitates the exchange of wealth. At our current time privately owned central banks create money out of thin air and then lend it to governments and down the line people and businesses at interest. This is not real wealth creation, it can however be used to harvest the real material wealth that the Earth and human beings create. The interest paid on money created out of thin air is by the average man actual wealth, because people have used their bodily activity in the form of work to earn the money that is used to pay the interest. 

To entice the people into the world of digital currencies people have been allowed within certain parameters to create money. Bitcoin and Ethereum plus most other crypto currencies are ‘mined’ by using computer processing power to solve cryptographic problems. Central banks are not going to give up a mechanism, being able to create money and charge interest on it, one that allows them to control the energy flow of life within communities, cities and countries. However, once you pretty much own everything then maybe there are better systems of control and wealth harvesting. Is there anything more valuable than our soul?

Wealth Creation, Tokens and Energetic Harvesting

Is there a better control mechanism than debt and is there something more important than material work and wealth to be harvested?

 If digital currencies are programmable then they cease to be money in the traditional sense, a free means of exchange. If specific credits can only be used for certain things or if they can only be obtained if certain criteria are met then they obtain the ability to be used as a direct control mechanism and to ‘game’ people into activities with consequences that they may not be aware of.

On 03/06/2020 Microsoft filed patent W02020060606 – CRYPTO CURRENCY SYSTEM USING BODY ACTIVITY DATA. This idea could form part of a Social Crediting system where someone’s actions determine how much currency (energy) they can earn. Remember that in Technocracy energy-is-currency and that cryptocurrencies are already mined using electricity (energy). In the future could blockchains be powered by our bodily activity?

“If you are uploaded to a cloud, you won’t have to earn a living. You will give up some control of your life, and that will be your payment into this world to exist.” Zultan Istvan- When asked what the world would be like in 50 years.

Consciousness is energy, so when our attention is ‘in’ the internet, does some of our energy flow into that realm? Looking at the patent another way, people would be paid for giving their attention (energy) to the internet.

“The alchemy by which mineral substance is sent over into the Eighth Sphere is taking place all the time behind the scenes of our existence.” Rudolf Steiner- The Occult Movement in the Nineteenth Century, Lecture Five

Human Capital

Human capital data markets are arising for reasons of political economy. As the Fourth Industrial Revolution dawns, the elite must have a new mechanism to circulate their concentrated capital. The spending of poor and working class people will not be sufficient. Folks are carrying way too much debt as it is. This will become an even greater problem once automation and mass migrations make it impossible for millions of people to earn a stable living. Simply put, the financers need new plumbing. Real estate served that purpose for a time, but the weight of toxic mortgages ultimately collapsed the housing market. Now they need something even bigger, because over the past decade wealth has become even MORE concentrated.” Alison McDowell – Wrench in the Gears

Human capital impact investing, human capital bond markets, stakeholder capitalism and profit based poverty management are all planned to be part of this new economic system. Post human education will data mine children commoditising them from a young age. Just as our current education system is designed to create a hard-working consumer of material goods the smart play tables and target-based learning point towards a future education system designed to turn our children into a new product, a data consumer and producer within an augmented reality world!

A most important step towards the end goal of the adversary is to give people an IP address or identity number, INCORPORATING them into the internet of things.

“You can’t participate in this new economy without access to the Internet. It’s how you’re going to learn. It’s how you’re going to deliver services. It’s how you’re going to market it. By the way, it’s how you’re going to sell.” Eric Schmidt–Face the Nation

In March 2019 Agustin Carstens stated during a speech at the Central Bank of Ireland:

“Like cash, a CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) could and would be available 24/7, 365 days a year. At first glance, not much changes for someone, say, stopping off at the supermarket on the way home from work. He or she would no longer have the option of paying cash. All purchases would be electronic. But from here, differences start to emerge. A CBDC is not necessarily anonymous, like cash. And unlike cash, it could pay or charge interest.” Agustín Carstens- General Manager, Bank for International Settlements

Data has been described as ‘the new oil’, and as our actions are tracked and monitored a data-stream is generated. This data has a value attached to it. Thus it will be possible, in time, to assign value to our every thought, action and feeling. The new blockchain-based credit systems will work across both non-physical, digitally-based (binary [2]), and physically-based (threefold [3]) reality.

“the one and zero states of digital circuitry… exclude an unpredictable, dynamic middle, a narrow band of intense, nonlinear activity” – Mark Pesce 2001 p. 225

What is this middle point? Without it is creativity and the potential for free action possible? Would a dimension of being without it allow for such possibilities? Or will the human spirit form that third point within the virtual words, the bounty to be harvested as life is forced into that realm.

“There is no wealth but life. Life, including all its powers of love, of joy, and of admiration. That country is the richest which nourishes the greatest numbers of noble and happy human beings; that man is richest, who, having perfected the functions of his own life to the utmost, has also the widest helpful influence, both personal, and by means of his possessions, over the lives of others.” – John Ruskin Unto This Last

Wealth can be seen as the movement of energy resulting from people’s day to day living interactions with others and nature. The global lockdown has to a certain extent stopped that movement in the real world and forced it into the virtual world.
The new economy is designed for a virtual- and augmented-reality existence.

A new kind of liquidity is created from financial activity and target based living within the virtual world of the internet. Data powers this economy and has to be mined. Consumption in the real world can be augmented and to an extent replaced by consumption in the virtual worlds. We can consume in the virtual worlds without using up valuable resources (other than significant electricity generation needed for powering the Internet of Things, the internet of bodies and of everything). Think of earning credits for actions performed within an online game, for example, and then using those credits for a virtual experience or even converting them to another crypto-currency for use in the real world. Once people have a digital ID connected to a digital wallet, the ‘gamification of society’ can reach the human level.

“Human Capital Bonds – financial instruments generating profit for investors using privatized social welfare systems to compel recipients to perform “life” on data-generating pathways of “self-improvement.” Bonds can be securitized, creating opportunities for financiers to bet for OR against compliance of the poor.” Alison McDowell – Wrench in the Gears

If human capital bonds are traded, then, groups of people are in a way being bought and sold, which is by definition slavery. The data that makes up our digital twin, is already being bought and sold.
The global lockdowns are creating poverty and forced austerity. Separation through technology will create suffering, mental and physical health problems, depression and misery for many people. The greater the potential market there is to ‘fix’ these problems (through ‘pay for success’ programmes for example), the greater the potential profit.

“Can impact finance help solve India’s mental health crisis?” – World Economic Forum Article

Inevitably, if profits are in reality dependent on the above societal problems, then actually fixing them would mean reduced profits and growth. Therefore, just as is the case with aspects of modern medicine, it is not in the interests of those who control the system to solve the problems or, in the case of modern medicine, to fully cure people, instead treating or ‘managing’ symptoms (for life) is much more profitable and creates sustained revenue streams.

“There are beings in the spiritual realms for whom anxiety and fear emanating from human beings offer welcome food. When humans have no anxiety and fear, then these creatures starve. People not yet sufficiently convinced of this statement could understand it to be meant comparatively only. But for those who are familiar with this phenomenon, it is a reality.

If fear and anxiety radiate from people and they break out in panic, then these creatures find welcome nutrition and they become more and more powerful. These beings are hostile towards humanity. Everything that feeds on negative feelings, on anxiety, fear and superstition, despair or doubt, are in reality hostile forces in super-sensible worlds, launching cruel attacks on human beings, while they are being fed.

Therefore, it is above all necessary to begin with that the person who enters the spiritual world overcome fear, feelings of helplessness, despair and anxiety. But these are exactly the feelings that belong to contemporary culture and materialism; because it estranges people from the spiritual world, it is especially suited to evoke hopelessness and fear of the unknown in people, thereby calling up the above mentioned hostile forces against them.”- Rudolf Steiner GA 56 – Die Erkenntnis der Seele und des Geistes – Berlijn, December 12, 1907 (page 145)

Human Capital-pay for success

“Who exactly is going to come out ahead if we allow global investment markets to be built on disaster and misery? If those markets are profitable aren’t we likely to end up with MORE disaster and misery, albeit better managed? Investors seek to increase the source of their profit, not eliminate it. That’s just the sick logic of it.” Alison McDowell – Wrench in the Gears

What will be the consequence of creative action increasingly taking place in, and increasingly controlled by, the binary world of the internet? Simply by altering code, actions within both the virtual and the real world could be limited or blocked from expression. When people are nudged into predetermined pathways where certain goals have to be met in order to achieve progress within a gamified world, only those who ‘play’ will be able to survive: but at what cost?

“While it may be hard to imagine digital benefit systems linked to retinal scans or thumb-prints here in the United States, the state of Illinois, home of commodities futures trading, has a Blockchain task force. A report they issued last year included a number of thought experiments on how Blockchain identity could be used to regulate public benefits.

One of these featured a diagram of a person assigned a digital identity and e-wallet to hold their benefits, in this case money for food. If the person made the “right” choice, the apple, they were awarded an incentive payment. If they made the “wrong” choice, the hamburger, they paid full price. Of course it’s only an incentive until the allocation is recalibrated to the point where a person will only have enough money to last the month if they make ALL THE RIGHT CHOICES.

Now replace the apple and the hamburger in the diagram with a choice of day-care providers, school curriculum, job training programs, or medical treatments. In the case of digital identity and Blockchain there will always be a choice preferred by those in power, a choice that could make their impact investor friends a tidy profit. Then there will be the less-favoured choices; those will be dis-incentivized. This is what digital authoritarianism looks like. This is the life for poor people within the “pay for success” panopticon.” Alison McDowell – Wrench in the Gears

A person’s behaviour patterns, and even any intentions that do not harmonise with accepted safe parameters to the system, could be autocorrected through nudging and other more direct means using algorithmically controlled feedback loops. Within this system actions could be increasingly controlled with each hardware (including our bodies) and software update, leaving less free expression of the will.

“Once the user selects a volition for their ledger, every interaction may be compared to a series of parallel options. If one of these options allows the ledger to move closer to its goal, it will be offered up to the user. Over time, by selecting these options, the user’s behaviour may be modified and the ledger moves closer to its target.” Google The Selfish Ledger

The going direct reset and the planned new economic system as outlined above requires everyone to have a digital Identity linked to a digital wallet.

“There are three main aspects to this revolution. First, the new set of policies are explicitly attempting to “go direct” – bypassing financial sector transmission and instead finding more direct pipes to deliver liquidity to households and businesses. Second, there is an explicit blurring of fiscal and monetary policies. Third, government support for companies comes with stringent conditions, opening the door to unprecedented government intervention in the functioning of financial markets and in corporate governance.” BlackRock Policy Revolution, macro and market perspectives, June 2020

“2022, Commission proposal for a common vaccination card/passport for EU citizens… that is compatible with electronic immunisation information systems” – Roadmap For The Implementation Of Actions By The European Commision Last Update Q3 2019

“Techniques are disclosed which include receiving, by a central entity computer, a request for digital currency. The request includes a serial number and a denomination of a physical currency. The central entity computer generates the digital currency for the denomination and linked to the serial number. The generating includes recording the digital currency on a blockchain. The central entity computer transmits a notification of the generation of the digital currency. The central entity computer causes removal of the physical currency from circulation in a fiat currency system.” VISA– patent application

The central entity computer in the above patent regulates the transfer (and removal) of fiat currency from society, replacing it with a digital cryptocurrency which is then deposited on a digital wallet. A digital wallet could and will increasingly be linked to someone’s identity number.

“Authentication: process of an entity (the Principal) proving its identity to another entity (the System).” Medium Knowledge Base

“a strategic, global initiative launched in response to the Sustainable Development Goal 16.9: ‘provide legal identity to all, including birth registration, by 2030’, in collaboration with the United Nations Office for Partnerships” – United Nations

This is a project funded by The Rockefeller Foundation, Microsoft, Accenture and others. Its purpose is to give every human being on earth a unique identification number.

“..individuals must have ‘ownership’ over their own identity” id2020- Manifesto

If your identity is not who you are, then what exactly is identity?

“Man’s law cannot exist without owning as property its own artful terms, just as a painting (art) cannot exist without its paint. A person (a fictional, legal status in “third person”) is quite the opposite of the True, Natural Self (acting as Self, only in first person), and is a fictional identity[…] Clint Richardson–  Strawman, The Real Story Of Your Artificial Person

Id + entity = legal + person (status).
ENTITY – noun – [Low Latin entitas.] Being; EXISTENCE. Fortune is no real entity. 1. A REAL
being, or SPECIES of being. (Webster1828)

“If our legal id-entity can be stolen as what is labelled as “identity theft,” then obviously our legal person (id-entity) is not our own True and Natural Self! This separation of man and legal person (status), by this statement alone, should now be a self-evident Truth in the mind of the reader.” Clint Richardson

Here we arrive at something fundamental for understanding our world. When a mother and father register a new-born child, which is their property, a legal person (status) is created. That legal status in NOT the natural self, but we act throughout our lives as if that ‘person’ is us. Without this legal fiction we would not be able to take part in our artificial society based upon statute Law, artificial because it is manmade, obtain a passport, a driving licence,
contract or partake in commerce within the banking system.

“The ultimate ownership of all property is in the State; individual so-called ‘ownership’ is only by virtue of government, i.e. law, amounting to mere user; and user must be in accordance with law and subordinate to the necessities of the State.”— Senate Document No. 43, 73D Congress, 1st Session, entitled: “Contracts Payable in Gold”, by George Cyrus Thorpe, submitted to the senate: April 17, 1933

The question as to whether or not we have ownership over our own bodies will be answered definitively by whether or not vaccinations become mandatory. If someone was to willingly take a DNA-altering vaccine then their body (property) would no longer be natural or God given, it would be genetically modified by the corporation that makes the vaccine. From that point on, could future vaccinations become mandatory by law? On the other hand, if we have a natural body, a vaccine could surely not be made mandatory because arguably the body is still ‘our own property’?

The Internet of Things (IOT), Bodies and Everything

The idea of giving people and objects ID numbers is not a new one. Dehomag the German subsidiary of IBM in Nazi Germany developed coding systems for virtually all raw materials and finished goods. This coding system, processed on IBM tabulating machines made it possible for the Nazi’s to organise its seizure of Jewish property with stunning specificity. The IBM formulation for the bar code later became the standard system still in use today. Blockchain distributed ledgers can finally realise the full potential of universal coding systems.

Depending on public reaction, future vaccines may include a quantum dot medical tattoo. A micro needle array is a delivery mechanism that could be used for both the tattoo and the vaccine. 

“In a paper published today in Nature Communications, UNSW quantum computing researchers describe how they created artificial atoms in a silicon ‘quantum dot,’ a tiny space in a quantum circuit where electrons are used as qubits (or quantum bits), the basic units of quantum information.” – SciTechDaily Artificial Atoms in Silicon “Quantum Dot” Create Stable Qubits for Quantum Computing (October 2020)

How far away are we from biological quantum entanglement, has it already been achieved and could such technology be included in a vaccine?

“Merging DNA systems with quantum computing will be really quiet an amazing and both lethal threat.” – Dr. Charles Morgan Psycho-Neurobiology and War April 2018

There is no direct evidence for this, however, if we bear in mind that technology that is openly discussed is with little doubt many years behind the latest military research projects, then such speculation is not unfounded.

“Luminescent lanthanide labels (LLLs) and semiconductor quantum dots (QDs) are two very special classes of (at least partially) inorganic fluorophores, which provide unique properties for Förster resonance energy transfer (FRET). FRET is an energy-transfer process between an excited donor fluorophore and a ground-state acceptor fluorophore in close proximity (approximately 1–20 nm), and therefore it is extremely well suited for biosensing applications in optical spectroscopy and microscopy.” – American Chemical Society 2013 Lanthanides and Quantum Dots as Förster Resonance Energy Transfer Agents for Diagnostics and Cellular Imaging. American Chemical Society

“The highly organized structure of M13 bacteriophage was used as an evolved biological template for the nucleation and orientation of semiconductor nanowires. To create this organized template, peptides were selected by using a pIII phage display library for their ability to nucleate ZnS or CdS nanocrystals. The successful peptides were expressed as pVIII fusion proteins into the crystalline capsid of the virus. The engineered viruses were exposed to semiconductor precursor solutions, and the resultant nanocrystals that were templated along the viruses to form nanowires were extensively characterized by using high-resolution analytical electron microscopy and photoluminescence.” – Viral aAssembly Of Oriented Quantum Dot Nanowires Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2003 Jun 10; 100(12): 6946–6951.

Other related information can be found here, here and here.

“Nanobionics: Spinach that can send emails and plants that detect poison!” BBC News February 2021

(DREADDs) “These are designer receptors that can be remotely controlled, you can create a cell, you can put it somewhere in the body and you can remotely activate it. So, you have the capacity to create any product as long as you know the DNA sequence, you can insert it into a living system and you can remotely control it. It may affect the way you think, the way you act. So once you know that technology is there to edit, splice and program a cell and the technology currently exists to administer it to somebody and have it go park anywhere you program it to go park, proliferate and do its function you can have things activated in other people’s brains…

…From the human drone technology standpoint you can attach the human brain to another human brain, you can direct motor activity or you can send communication and information.” – Dr. Charles Morgan Psycho-Neurobiology and War April 2018

Maderna and Inovio are two companies working on RNA/DNA type vaccines. They are both backed by Bill and Melinda Gates and work in collaboration with DARPA– from where much transhumanist technology originates. Interestingly the National Institute of Health (NIH) has joint ownership of the patent for Moderna’s vaccine and thus could collect royalties if it is used.

Moderna Software of Life

“–Our Operating System – Recognizing the broad potential of mRNA science, we set out to create an mRNA technology platform that functions very much like an operating system on a computer. It is designed so that it can plug and play interchangeably with different programs. In our case, the “program” or “app” is our mRNA drug – the unique mRNA sequence that codes for a protein.” – Moderna

“mRNA is really like a software molecule in biology […] So our vaccine is like the software program to the body, which then goes and makes the [viral] proteins that can generate an immune response.” Stephen Hoge, president of Moderna

“We think of it as information theropy” – Tal Zaks Chief Medical Officer of Moderna

Computers are information processing machines; the mRNA and DNA injections can be seen as rudimentary biological computing systems within the body. The reference to storage, software and applications is not metaphorical, we are dealing here with synthetic biology an aspect of which is biocomputing.

The development of gene-based logic circuits forming CPUs, bio-censors etc, fabricated using living materials instead of silicone is already well advanced.

“Controlling gene expression with sophisticated logic gates has been and remains one of the central aims of synthetic biology. However, conventional implementations of biocomputers use central processing units (CPUs) assembled from multiple protein-based gene switches, limiting the programming flexibility and complexity that can be achieved within single cells. Here, we introduce a CRISPR/Cas9-based core processor that enables different sets of user-defined guide RNA inputs to program a single transcriptional regulator (dCas9-KRAB) to perform a wide range of bitwise computations, from simple Boolean logic gates to arithmetic operations such as the half adder. Furthermore, we built a dual-core CPU combining two orthogonal core processors in a single cell. In principle, human cells integrating multiple orthogonal CRISPR/Cas9-based core processors could offer enormous computational capacity.” – A CRISPR/Cas9-based Central Processing Unit to Program Complex Logic Computation in Human Cells

Is this kind of technology used in the current mRNA injections?

“First, we would like to introduce to the vaccine community the concept of synthetic gene circuits and how they could help create more effective vaccines with sophisticated programmable behaviour. Second, we would like to challenge the mammalian synthetic biology community to engineer sophisticated gene circuits for vaccination by using the emerging modified or replicating RNA technologies….

Nucleic acid vaccines have been gaining attention as an alternative to the standard attenuated pathogen or protein-based vaccine. However, an unrealized advantage of using such DNA or RNA based vaccination modalities is the ability to program within these nucleic acids regulatory devices that would provide an immunologist the power to control the production of antigens and adjuvants in a desirable manner by administering small molecule drugs as chemical triggers…

Advances in synthetic biology have resulted in the creation of highly predictable and modular genetic parts and devices that can be composed into synthetic gene circuits with complex behaviours. With the recent advent of modified RNA gene delivery methods and developments in the RNA replicon platform, we foresee a future in which mammalian synthetic biologists will create genetic circuits encoded exclusively on RNA… ‘smart vaccines’ will revolutionize the field of RNA vaccination…

Synthetic biology is a radically new style of genetic engineering in which living organisms are “programmed” using genetic circuits to systematically engineer novel and useful biological properties. The earliest accomplishments in the field included the construction of simple genetic circuits such as oscillators [1]and toggle switches [2]in bacterial species using mathematical modelling and rational network design. Since then, increasingly more complex circuits have been engineered…” – Synthetic Biology Devices and Circuits for RNA-based ‘Smart Vaccines’: A Propositional Review. January 2015

“You can basically do anything with synthetic RNA/DNA, it’s like a computer program, with effort that’s not too crazy you could probably stop aging/reverse it… you could probably turn someone into a freakin butterfly if you want, with the right DNA sequence, caterpillars do it.” – Elon Musk

Implantable Quantum Dot Microneedle Vaccination Delivery System

“The microneedles encapsulate the agent(s) to be delivered. These are formed of a biodegradable polymer that dissolves upon insertion into skin or tissue, so that the microneedles break off from the substrate forming the patch, remaining in the skin/tissue at the site of insertion. The patches are used to create a tattoo or to deliver therapeutic, prophylactic or diagnostic agent in combination with a tattoo…

Optionally, the microneedle may contain other materials, including metals, ceramics, semiconductors, organics, polymers, and composites.” – MIT Patent WO 2019/018301 Al

Luciferase catalyzes the oxidation of luciferin

Quantum dots have optical, magnetic and catalytic properties and can be used in biosensing applications. The proposed system could be read using a mobile phone-type device, and with future iterations potentially via 5G and even entangled with quantum based processors at any distance.

“–QUANTUM-DOT IMPLEMENTATION OF TWO-QUBIT GATES–In this paper we develop a detailed scenario for how quantum computation may be achieved in a coupled quantum-dot system.” APS Physics Quantum computation with quantum dots January 1997

Bioluminescence is achieved through the use of an enzyme called Luciferase which catalyzes the oxidation of luciferin, causing it to produce a visible glow that would, in the system outlined, act as proof of vaccination.

It would be quite possible for the microneedles to deliver materials that would facilitate communication with the 5G network, the dots thus forming edge-computing sensors able to transmit and receive information. An earlier related technology is the bokode, a type of barcode developed by MIT that can be read up to four metres away. If current generations of this technology do not allow such remote sensing then, with little doubt, future generations will.

“…we believe that this invisible, “on-body” technology opens up new avenues for decentralized data storage and biosensing applications…” Biocompatible near-infrared quantum dots delivered to the skin by microneedle patches record vaccination

It is important not to focus too much on any one aspect of the tracking infrastructure. Most people carry mobiles phones which constantly send highly detailed tracking information back to the service provider. Phones include an accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, barometer and GPS. Using these sensors the software can work out your mode of transport, when you exit a car, walk upstairs etc. Even when a phone is in flight mode data packets containing this information are transmitted to the service provider the next time the phone connects to a network. Your phone, your car, facial recognition, gait and heartbeat detection cameras, surveillance satellites and drones should all be seen as different parts of one surveillance apparatus.

“…we’ll have to have all sorts of interesting social monitoring of one kind or another to look for these hotspots. So systems will have to be developed to see, oh my God, there’s an outbreak over there. Let’s get to it right now before the spread begins.” Eric Schmidt–Face the Nation

Apple and Google are jointly developing a tracking app that will be built into future generations of phones. This is an important step as it points to a new paradigm where all data is shared, stored in the cloud and linked to your id-entity number. China is already many steps ahead when it comes to invasive surveillance, for example they already have digital health passports in some places. The measures utilising mobile phones are likely just stepping stones, to the ultimate solution, fully bio-integrated surveillance technology. It is worth considering that bio-integrated electronics may not even be required for now. Advanced biometric systems would be able to continuously identify and track someone without an implant. If public reaction against what is essentially a microchip implant is too strong to begin with, then the system could still move forward without on-body identification. The Apiject system for example comes with an RFID/NFC tag option. This would mean that each vaccine could have a unique serial number linked to the recipients medical records linked in turn to their mobile phone with built in contract tracing app. Effectively the same system but without an actual implant:

“With an optional RFID/NFC tag on each BFS prefilled syringe, ApiJect will make this possible. Before giving an injection, the healthcare worker will be able to launch a free mobile app and “tap” the prefilled syringe on their phone, capturing the NFC tag’s unique serial number, GPS location and date/time. The app then uploads the data to a government-selected cloud database. Aggregated injection data provides health administrators an evolving real-time ‘injection map’.” Apiject

The only information that the quantum dots would need to generate is the vaccine serial number or ID 2020 (IPv6 number). This number would link a person to their online medical information in the cloud. Those who do not submit to surveillance and vaccination are likely over time to be ostracised from society and marginalised. Think about how the Nazis started to separate out certain people within society. Only this time will it be free thinkers and those who do not accept vaccination? Will people who do not submit be branded ‘murderers’?

IBM’s punch card tabulating machines, the precursor to the computer were integral to the Nazi war machine. The tabulators, duplicators, electrical key punchers, summary punches, key punch verifiers were all components of what were effectively computers. Computers today are used far more for data processing and simulation than as calculators.

By 1933 Germany had race data, family history, occupation, bank records and sexual orientation for most of the German population, and this was just the beginning. With every census the number of data points on each citizen were increased. With this data the Third Reich was able to precisely track, surveil and round up minorities to be taken to concentration camps. These included trade unionists, Roman Catholic and Protestant dissidents, communists, Jews and gypsies. Goebbels explained the purpose in 1934:

In the concentration camps many people were given a tracking number in the form of a tattoo which was linked to a card carrying their personal data and then processed using IBM punch card tabulators, the precursor to the computer. Each individual was controlled by the data on the punch cards. For example, 2 was a Jehovah’s Witness, 12 a Gypsy, 8 a Jew, and so on. They were then assigned a status: A1 = released, B2 = transferred, and so on. Code F–6 was “special treatment”. The ticking heart of the Nazi war machine was IBM punch-card data-processing systems. The D11(VZ) calculating tabulator could process 12,000, 60-column punch-cards per hour. Millions of new punch-cards were needed each week to feed the tabulators.

“No one would escape, this was something new for mankind, never before had so many people been identified so precisely, so silently, so quickly and with such far reaching consequences. The dawn of the information age began at the sunset of human decency.” Edwin Black– IMB and the Holocaust

The electric fields of Wi-Fi, 3,4 and 5G etc could be seen as already constituting a new environment in which we live, we are increasingly living within a giant computer network, we just can’t see it without measuring devices.

Predicting the Future

It has been said that people’s data is the most valuable commodity on Earth, and for good reason. In Google’s ‘The Selfish Ledger,’ they state that with enough data it would be possible, through behavioural sequencing, to program society in the same way as we alter the genome through genetic sequencing. Highly accurate virtual simulations can already be built; as quantum computers become the standard instrument of prediction their power and accuracy will be absolute.

“Science is, in a dynamic sense, essentially a method of prediction. It has been defined as being the method of the determination of the most probable.” Technocracy Study Course–1934

Giant data centres have enough capacity, and have done so for many years, to store and process all relevant data flowing through the internet. Email, video, phone calls, social media connections, text, bank transactions, search histories, location data, video footage etc. What is all this data used for? A white paper written in 2005 gives us some idea. The Sentient World Simulation (SWS) is a project involving Purdue University and the US Military, it set out to:

“Develop a set of intelligent agents and tools that will continually monitor the global flow of information in all forms and from all sources, evaluate it, and incorporate it within the running model to calibrate the model and predict entity actions within the model[…]

SWS is a continuously updated mirror of the real world that can extrapolate into the future. SWS reacts to actual events that occur in the real world and incorporates data that is newly sensed in the real world. SWS provides the ability to examine the likely progression of the status-quo as well as explore any ‘what if’ scenarios.” – Sentient World Simulation White Paper

The control of society through electronic means is quite real and highly advanced. Social media could be seen as one of many input points of an advanced ‘feedback circuit’ allowing for the real-time adjustment and programming of the social organism. Watching the selfish ledger and the Minds of Men documentary will show that this is no theory. Strategic Communication Laboratories (SCL), Cambridge Analytica’s parent company had access to secret MoD information and used rudimentary versions of this technology to control citizens decisions using the 5000 data points they claimed to have had on every US citizen. They also worked for the leave EU campaign, the implication being that British intelligence wanted Brexit. ‘The Great Hack’ documentary about Cambridge Analytica is insightful but barely scratches the surface.

“Cambridge Analytica/SCL has board members that include British Intelligence, British Psychological Warfare specialists, weapons manufacturers, friends and relatives of the Queen, ex Special forces, ex US marines and a plethora of right wing lords, Tory MPs and elites working with links to the British establishment. They boast of overthrowing governments and altering outcomes of elections in over 100 countries by microtargeting, spreading propaganda and leveraging false enemies. Its clients include the MOD, DOD, US Governments, UK Governments and NATO. […] The methods of SCL and Cambridge Analytica are under export control by the British Government and are considered a psychological weapon that has to get approval from the British Government before being deployed.” Neil Sanders– Cambridge Analytica, The Data Deception and the Web of Popularism.

JTRIG, a GCHQ program is just one example of a governmental agency whose job is perception management through any means necessary. { Links-  1  2  3  4 } Nudge units are another example of how behavioural science is applied in modern governance.

SAGE’s behavioural science sub-group SPI-B, who were advised by Google’s AI division, produced a document (Options for increasing adherence to social distancing measures) outlining psychological manipulation operations against the UK public. The Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) is co-chaired by Sir Patrick Vallance (the Government Chief Science Advisor) and Professor Chris Whitty (the Chief Medical Officer). Within the SPI-B document they write that there are nine: “broad ways” of achieving behaviour change: Education, Persuasion, Incentivisation, Coercion, Enablement, Training, Restriction, Environmental restructuring, and Modelling.

“If you look at our planet from space, what you see is something like a neural network with the cities as its nodes, and that is as good an image of the planet as a complex system of systems as one could hope for.” – IBM

In the future, through computer brain interfaces people’s minds would become part of the control circuit, the input and output of data being read and written in real time, the feedback loop could be adjusted accordingly for a desired outcome.

In the future, through computer brain interfaces and genetic alteration people’s minds and bodies will become part of the control circuit, the input and output of data being read and written in real time, the feedback loop could be adjusted accordingly for a desired outcome.

In 2009 IBM were working on the Global Brain project. Hewlett Packard on the Central Nervous System for the Earth and Cisco, together with Nasa the Planetary skin. What exactly are they building?

“HP’s Central Nervous System for the Earth (CeNSE), a project of HP Labs, is revolutionizing the way information is gathered, communicated, and analyzed. CeNSE consists of a highly intelligent network of billions of nanoscale sensors designed to feel, taste, smell, see, and hear what is going on in the world.” hp

Would it be possible to get Nano particles that could form sensors into every living thing?

“We show that carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are present in the airways of asthmatic Parisian children. These nanostructures are similar to those present in dusts and vehicle exhausts collected in Paris, as well as to those previously observed in ambient air in the USA, in spider webs in India, and in ice core. These results suggest that humans are routinely exposed to CNTs.” – Anthropogenic Carbon Nanotubes Found in the Airways of Parisian Children

“Length-Dependent Plasmon Resonance in Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes” – Paper from ACS Publications

What would a technologically based totalitarian society look like and what would be the most effective way of bringing it about?

“Just as terror, even in its pre-total, merely tyrannical form ruins all relationships between men, so the self-compulsion of ideological thinking ruins all relationships with reality. The preparation has succeeded when people have lost contact with their fellow men as well as the reality around them; for together with these contacts, men lose the capacity of both experience and thought. The ideal subject of totalitarian rule is not the convinced Nazi or the convinced Communist, but people for whom the distinction between fact and fiction (i.e., the reality of experience) and the distinction between true and false (i.e., the standards of thought) no longer exist.

Terror can rule absolutely only over men who are isolated against each other… Therefore, one of the primary concerns of all tyrannical government is to bring this isolation about. Isolation may be the beginning of terror; it certainly is its most fertile ground; it always is its result. This isolation is, as it were, pretotalitarian; its hallmark is impotence insofar as power always comes from men acting together…; isolated men are powerless by definition.

In isolation, man remains in contact with the world as the human artifice; only when the most elementary form of human creativity, which is the capacity to add something of one’s own to the common world, is destroyed, isolation becomes altogether unbearable… Isolation then becomes loneliness.

While isolation concerns only the political realm of life, loneliness concerns human life as a whole. Totalitarian government, like all tyrannies, certainly could not exist without destroying the public realm of life, that is, without destroying, by isolating men, their political capacities. But totalitarian domination as a form of government is new in that it is not content with this isolation and destroys private life as well. It bases itself on loneliness, on the experience of not belonging to the world at all, which is among the most radical and desperate experiences of man.” – Hannah Arendt The Origins Of Totalitarianism, 1951


“A person (a fictional, legal status in “third person”) is quite the opposite of the True, Natural Self (acting as Self, only in first person), and is a fictional identity…” – Clint Richardson Strawman, The Real Story Of Your Artificial Person

The words ‘person’ and ‘persona’ are both derived from the Latin word that originally referred to the theatrical mask worn by an actor.

As your ‘person’ becomes digitised, masks cover your face, the part of you that represents most intimately your true natural self. They also change the perception of your sense of self, which is normally centred within the body, your awareness of self is pushed out of the body slightly, you feel a little ungrounded like you’re not really here, do you not? At the same time, you are being pushed online and consciously or not made to associate who you are more closely with your digital avatars, your online personas.

“Basic human-to-human connectivity through face expression is compromised and self-identity is somewhat eliminated. These dehumanizing movements partially delete the uniqueness and individuality of the person who is wearing the facemask as well as the connected person.” – BaruchVainshelboim Facemasks in the COVID-19 era: A health hypothesis

Grimes, Elon Musk’s pregnant girlfriend has created an avatar called WarNymph the idea being:

“to separate Grimes’s digital persona from her humanity.” – The Face

Interestingly Grimes and Elon Musk plan on naming their child X Æ A-Xii. Æ stands for love &/or Artificial intelligence.

Inverse Initiation

“We really breathe our ‘I’ in and out with every breath.” – Rudolf Steiner Building up the Spiritual Body through Meditation Berlin, 2 October 1906

Image from ‘The Characteristics of an Initiation Ritual’ video by Truth Stream Media. Original image from Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut.

“…the connectome project, to map the entire human brain, and that may take a quantum computer, and this means that in the future communications could be done mentally, what I’m saying is that the internet will be replaced by brain net.”

“That’s why the European Union, and president Barrack Obama want to spend a billion dollars to map the brain, you see, once you map the brain then you can begin to connect the mind to computers. Telepathy, telekinesis, recording memories, photographing dreams, things that you see right in the Hollywood movies we’ll be able to perform.” Michio Kaku

The next step in humanity’s evolution is arguably the development of supersensible perception and initiation, learning to directly perceive and understand non-physical reality.

“Indwelling outside of the physical body and returning to the physical body in order to become a messenger of divine mysteries is Initiation”– Rudolf Steiner GA 139 7

Is an attempt being made to cut humanity off from that course and to instead ‘initiate’ it into a new way of being, one that will lead to a world where human beings are ever more INCORPORATED into the World Wide Web?

“The whole trend goes in a direction where a way will finally be found to vaccinate bodies so that these bodies will not allow the inclination towards spiritual ideas to develop and all their lives people will believe only in the physical world they perceive with the senses.” Rudolf Steiner- Fall Of The Spirits Of Darkness Lecture 13

There is evidence that the DOD have been developing such a vaccine. Related published papers can be found here and here.

“Eventually we will have some digital certificates to show who has recovered or been tested recently or when we have a vaccine who has received it”. Bill Gates– when asked: ‘How should we determine which businesses should stay open?’

The following sentence was edited out of Bill Gate’s Ted talk

“So eventually there will be this digital immunity proof that will help facilitate the global reopening up”. – Bill Gates

The micro needle array patch type technology discussed in this paper may be used to deliver the ‘super-effective’ vaccine alluded to below. The patch delivery system could be used to ‘solve’ the logistical problems of a vaccine requiring sub-zero temperatures etc.

“The only way we’ll get completely back to normal is by having, maybe not the first generation of vaccines, but eventually a vaccine that is super-effective, and that a lot of the people take, and that we get the disease eliminated on a global basis… That is where we can finally start taking all the problems that have been created, in education, mental health and start to build back in a positive way.” – Bill Gates on NBC’s Meet the Press program

Anyone considering taking a vaccine that Bill Gates has had anything to do with should be aware of his previous vaccine crimes in India and conflicts of interests. In fact he openly admits that 700,000 people will be inadvertently affected (injured) by a vaccine. Here he is referring to damaged caused by traditional vaccines. If a genetically modifying DNA/RNA is used then it is impossible to say what will result as they have never been approved for human use.

“Whatever power wishes to subjugate a person will have to exert an influence that imprints itself in his blood. Thus, if an evil power wishes dominance over an individual, it must gain dominance over his or her blood” Rudolf Steiner- Super-sensible Knowledge: Lecture 2:Blood is a very Special Fluid

Bearing in mind Bill Gates’s interest in population reduction, his family connections to IBM and planned parenthood, an organisation founded by Eugenics Society member Margaret Sanger, his role within the Global Vaccine industry, that his foundation also funds ID2020 and injectable medical tattoo development and that he stands to make a truly incredible amount of money from testing and a global vaccination; shouldn’t we question his true motivations? He is involved in every single aspect of COVID19 both the preparations and proposed solutions. Are his actions and those of the WHO, who he also funds, really for the benefit of mankind or is there another agenda hidden behind the media gloss of philanthropism?

Bill Gates’s Farther was on the board of planned parenthood and his Mother, Mary Maxwell Gates sat on the board of United Way of America with IBM CEO John Opel. In 1980 IMB, at that time the world’s most powerful corporation, formed a partnership with Microsoft who then went on to the became the most powerful software company in the world. If IBM had developed their own software they would have had a complete monopoly violating antitrust laws. Thomas J Watson, the founder of IBM, supported Hitler for as long as he was able. His granddaughter, Jeannette Watson, married Alexander Sanger, Margarat Sangars grandson.

Are genetics and transhumanism in many ways just new word for eugenics?

“Eugenics is a movement that is aimed at improving the genetic composition of the human race. Historically, eugenicists advocated selective breeding to achieve these goals. Today we have technologies that make it possible to more directly alter the genetic composition of an individual.” Genetics Generation

Transhumanism was a phrase coined by eugenicist Julian Huxley, Aldous Huxley’s brother. He was also the founder of UNESCO.

“I believe in transhumanism: once there are enough people who can truly say that, the human species will be on the threshold of a new kind of existence, as different from ours as ours is from that of Peking man. It will at last be consciously fulfilling its real destiny.” Julian Huxley. In New Bottles for New Wine, pp 13-17. London: Chatto & Windus, 1957

A type of Hydrogell is being developed by Profusa that could act as an early warning system for pandemics, a biosensor that becomes part of the body. Sitting under the skin it connects to something resembling a Fitbit. Body-sensing technology from Apple, Google, Huawei, etc., will in the near future take the final step of being incorporated into the body. Could a future vaccine contain a Hydrogel like substance and particles capable of quantum entanglement? Vaccines have been shown to already contain many unexplainable substances. Will those who choose to take implanted electronics, at a certain point entangling them with quantum computers, be permanently disconnected from the non-physical worlds?

“What I found really shocking is the spiritual influence… the connection to the spiritual is veiled.” – Frank Burdich, supersensible researcher When asked about the effects of wi-fi radiation

The global brain that your id2020 number will constantly be connected to will eventually run on quantum computers. Within ‘Ai’ super intelligence, Sentient World like simulations will become ‘living’ mirror worlds, updated in real-time from every action, thought and feeling that people have. According to Ray Kurtzweil, the head of engineering at Google, direct connection using computer brain interfaces to the internet will occur by 2030 and from this point on he says more and more of our thinking will be done for us by A’i’.

“With a high bandwidth brain-machine interface, we can go along for the ride and effectively have the option of merging with ‘Ai’.” Elon Musk Neuralink Launch Event

The potential entanglement of electrons within the brain will likely make the comparatively crude Neuralink type technology presented by Musk obsolete.

“Quantum entanglement is a process by which microscopic objects like electrons or atoms lose their individuality to become better coordinated with each other. Entanglement is at the heart of quantum technologies that promise large advances in computing, communications and sensing…” – PHYS.ORG Hot and messy’ entanglement of 15 trillion atoms

One possible stepping stone towards full entanglement could be achieved without physical implants using optogenetics.

“A minimally invasive optogenetic technique that does not require brain implants successfully manipulated the activity of neurons in mice and monkeys…The researchers first genetically engineered neurons to produce a newly developed, extremely light-sensitive protein called SOUL. They then demonstrated that it is possible to shine light through the skull to alter neuronal responses throughout the entire mouse brain, and through a thick membrane called the dura to reach superficial regions of the macaque brain.” – Implant-free optogenetics minimizes brain damage during neuronal stimulation

The viral delivery genetic engineering method similar to that used in the Astrazeneca-Oxford ‘vaccine’ is used to produce the light sensitive neurons. The combination of genetic engineering and external technology is foundational to the advancement of transhumanism.

“It is a technology that enables researchers to stimulate cells with light, thereby allowing for the direct control of behaviour. Until now, this technique has been applied in animal research only but, as we argue, it holds promise for research in humans as well.” – Optogenetics as a neuromodulation tool in cognitive neuroscience

A more recent study using ChRmine-enhanced cells gives some idea of where this technology could lead.

“The study suggests that with an injection of a virus carrying the ChRmine gene—either through the eye socket or through veins—it’s potentially possible to control something as integral to a personality as sociability with nothing but light.” – Singularity Hub

Would it be possible to alter neurons to respond or resonate with certain frequencies instead of light thus allowing computer brain interfaces to operate using directed pulsed electromagnetic fields?

“Remember—the winner in the AI superpower race is the AI system with access to the most data. Accessing your body and my body on a 24/7 basis generates a lot of data. I believe that Gates and the pharma and biotech industries are literally reaching to create a global control grid by installing digital interface components and hooking us up to Microsoft’s new $10 billion JEDI cloud at the Department of Defense as well as Amazon’s multibillion cloud contract for the CIA that is shared with all U.S. intelligence agencies.” – Catherine Austin Fitts The Injection Fraud, Its Not a Vaccine

Super-Sensible Perception
Rudolf Steiner is often quoted in this document as he has given us an extraordinarily detailed and accurate map of the non-physical layers of reality. His findings have also been confirmed and expanded upon by many other supersensible researchers. Such research shows that beyond the threshold of the physical world, everything is consciousness or, in other words, beings with particular qualities and range of activities. So, behind everything perceived by the physical senses there lie conscious energetic structures, not passive but qualitative and consciously active, having a specific part to play within the energetic framework that makes up our physical reality which has actually “precipitated” out of that energetic (and spiritually guided and populated) framework.

“Someone constructs a machine today and believes that nothing further has really happened than the actual construction or what will be brought about by means of it. But to give oneself up to such a belief means to establish what may be called negative superstition, and it is most widespread. Superstition is the belief in spirits when none exist, but a person may also express a disbelief in spirits when they are present, and this is negative superstition. Humanity abandons itself completely to this negative superstition without really knowing it because it is not yet accustomed to think of the things that enter human evolution as being cosmically interrelated and under a moral point of view. They are considered only as a mechanism.” Rudolf Steiner- The Karma of Vocation

Rudolf Steiner 1861-1925

Austrian scientist Dr Rudolf Steiner was undoubtedly one of the most profound thinkers of our time. The founder of ‘Spiritual Science’, his ability to look more clearly and deeply into the totality of physical and non-physical reality still sets him apart from modern public Initiates. He spoke from no single belief system but instead strove to explain the origins and history of all mystery traditions, leading to the presentation of a system of knowledge understandable by the intellect and a range of methods that anyone with sincere commitment can follow for developing higher human faculties. His astonishingly prescient predictions and insights for the 20th and 21st centuries – manifesting rapidly in current events – can hardly be ignored.

“No doubt the materialistic thinker will be inclined to reject out of hand the idea of intrinsic ‘intelligences’ in machines, believing that the only intelligence they can possess is the artificial intelligence we build into them. Spiritual Science shows us otherwise. An open- minded person unfamiliar with the methods of research employed by spiritual science will be ready to admit that he or she is not in a position to pass judgement on its findings. Should their interest lead them to examine the methods employed by a researcher such as Rudolf Steiner, they will almost certainly be struck by the extreme care with which the latter applied the rigorous and impartial approach of modern experimental science to his study of spiritual realities.” Paul Emberson- From Gondhishapur To Silicone Valley book 1

Throughout this work reference is made to facts disclosed by methods of supersensible research.

-The Eighth Sphere-

INCORPORATED into Artificial Quantum Machine Intelligence

“The metaverse is the next version of the internet. But instead of static webpages, it will thrust you into an immersive game-like world. Think of the metaverse like a massive virtual world where you can go to work, learn, create art, shop, watch concerts, hang out with friends, and do dozens of other real-life activities.” – Forbes Welcome To The ‘Metaverse’

“New worlds are in the making, Calvin’s world is in the making, Tamara’s world is in the making, Sam and Joe’s world is in the making and your invited.” – Meta (Facebook) Horizon

*Notice how the avatars do not have legs! The limbs and in particular the legs are connected with the will forces within the human being. Meta (Facebook) are not the only company to depict avatars in virtual reality without legs.

If we take a moment to observe the world around us, many people walk around with their heads in another world. Their legs still walk the earth but their attention is elsewhere. The screen of their mobile phone is a portal to another place, a world in which their virtual self, a carefully crafted version of who they wish to be for other online perceivers, takes on ever more characteristics chosen by the creator of the avatar.

“Everything will be digitalised which can be digitalised.” Klaus Schwab- Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum

Eric Schmidt’s roll as Google CEO is well known, his and Google’s connections to the intelligence agencies and military are less well known about.

“What we’re really doing is building an augmented version of reality.” Eric Schmidt–TechCrunch Disrupt 2010

Zultan Istvan is one of the world’s most prominent Transhumanists, having spoken at the World Economic Forum, the World Bank as well as being a contributor to major publications such as The New York Times, Wired, The Huffington Post, TechCrunch and Newsweek. In a recent interview he said the following:

“The world will be run by ‘Ai’ networks and networks of quantum intelligence. Nations will have ceased to exist as independent physical entities because they will be online and have all merged as one. Humans may exist, but they will be off the ‘Ai’ grid, and contributing very little to progress and what is happening to the world.” Zultan Istvan- When asked what the world would be like in 50 years.

Rudolf Steiner explains that the ultimate goal of the adversarial powers is to draw as much of humanity into the Eighth Sphere as is possible. If you imagine a future where people’s minds are permanently connected to the internet, which by then will likely be a quantum internet controlling all aspects of life both real and virtual; the virtual made up from countless imaginative universes almost indistinguishable from physical reality, then you will have some idea of how consciousness will be controlled, harvested and thus INCORPORATED into that sphere of being, or you could say not being.

“In truth, therefore, our Earth —the Fourth Sphere — is simply not what it appears outwardly to be. Were it really to consist of atoms, all these atoms would still be impregnated by formations belonging to the Eighth Sphere — which are perceptible only to visionary clairvoyance. These formations are present everywhere; so too is the spectre-like content of the Eighth Sphere which can therefore be perceived just as actual spectres are perceived. All earthly being and existence are involved here. Lucifer and Ahriman strive unceasingly to draw from the Earth’s substances whatever they can snatch, in order to form their Eighth Sphere which then, when it is sufficiently advanced, will be detached from the Earth and go its own way in the Cosmos together with Lucifer and Ahriman. Needless to say, the Earth would then pass over to Jupiter as a mere torso.” – Rudolf Steiner The Occult Movement in the Nineteenth Century, Lecture Five

“How was it that the expression “Eighth Sphere” came to be used? — You know that human evolution takes its course through the seven spheres of Saturn, Sun, Moon, Earth, Jupiter, Venus, Vulcan.* We will conceive that besides these seven spheres there is still something else which lies outside them and yet is in some way related to the Earth. Here, then, we have a sphere, visible only to visionary-imaginative clairvoyance, which stands there as an Eighth Sphere over and above the seven which constitute the domain of the ordered and regular evolution of mankind. All such sketches are, of course, purely diagrammatic; one is obliged to draw separately spheres which can only be observed each within the others. For you will certainly have realised from our studies that as long as a man is within the material world, makes his observations through the senses and thinks with the intellect, he is standing in the Fourth Sphere, the Earth Sphere. If he develops his faculties of soul sufficiently to be able to see the Third Sphere, the Moon Sphere, then he takes a far flight—but not in the spatial sense. He observes, not from another place, but physically speaking, spatially speaking, from the same place. These seven spheres ought therefore in reality to be drawn within one another. They are successive stages and states of evolution and, fundamentally, such a diagram is of no other value than as if one were to say: human beings develop from birth to the seventh year in a first stage, from the seventh to the fourteenth year in a second stage, and so on. The being who has developed from the first to the seventh year cannot be thought of as separate from the being who is developing from the seventh until the fourteenth year. Neither is it correct to think of the seven successive spheres or stages of the Earth’s evolution as separate from each other.

This will give you an inkling that the Eighth Sphere is to be observed within the Earth Sphere. It cannot properly be drawn either above or below; to depict the reality it would have to be sketched into the Earth Sphere. I have often given a crude example to express what is here meant. Just as the physical air is around us, so is the Spiritual around us; we have to look for the Spiritual within what is actually physical in our environment. Hence it must be presumed that just as the spiritual is round about us, so we must also look for the Eighth Sphere in our environment. This means that an organ enabling man to perceive the Eighth Sphere would have to be developed, just as his physical senses enable him to perceive the material Earth. He could then experience the Eighth Sphere quite consciously; but unconsciously he is always within it just as we are always within the air, even if we are not aware of it. And if we have developed an organ for experiencing the Eighth Sphere, we are conscious of it around us. So that if the Eighth Sphere is to be described, it must obviously be described as a realm in which we are living all the time.

Now, as I said, all that I can do in these introductory studies is to give some general information—the rest will emerge as we proceed. First of all, you can understand that what is around us as the Eighth Sphere is accessible to Imaginative-visionary clairvoyance. To develop Imaginative clairvoyance without perceiving something of the Eighth Sphere is impossible. The reason why it is so difficult to speak of matters such as the Eighth Sphere is because really clear and discriminative clairvoyance is possessed by so very few. In the Eighth Sphere we have to do with Imaginations, and what constitutes the essential nature of Earth-evolution — that is to say, the Fourth Sphere — is not present in the Eighth Sphere. The essential nature of the Fourth Sphere is constituted, as I indicated yesterday, by the mineral impregnation of this world-body. That we are able to live on the Earth is due to the fact that this Fourth Sphere has been mineralised: we live in a mineralised environment; what is perceived through the physical senses can be co-ordinated by the intellect. But we must conceive that the mineral element is totally absent from the Eighth Sphere.

When we eliminate the mineral element in thought, all that remains is a later stage of the Old Moon evolution, for whence could anything else originate? But evolution proceeds; something that is perceptible through Imaginative, visionary clairvoyance but could be nothing else than a residue of the Old Moon—that would be no Eighth Sphere. All that could be said would be that something has been left behind by the Third Sphere.

In order to have some inkling of facts relating to the Eighth Sphere, let us keep the following in mind. In the course of its regular evolution, the Third Sphere became the Fourth Sphere; that is to say, a transition of the third elemental kingdom — for that is what we must call it — to the mineral kingdom took place. The mineral element was added. Otherwise we should have to conceive of the Old Moon as a sum-total of substantiality, imaginatively perceptible! It must therefore be assumed that the regular progression from the Old Moon to the Earth, from the Third Sphere to the Fourth Sphere, consists in what was formerly only imaginatively perceptible becoming materially perceptible, that is to say becoming mineralised. As the Eighth Sphere there remains, to begin with, the Old Moon element, but owing to a particular happening this Old Moon element undergoes a change. What took place in order that the Fourth Sphere might be able to arise from the Third is clearly described in the book Occult Science, where it is said that to the activities of the Spirits of Movement are added those of the Spirits of Form under whose guidance the whole process of the transformation takes place. [note 2] We can therefore say that the Fourth Sphere arises out of the Third through the fact that the Spirits of Form add their activities to those of the Spirits of Movement.

If the Spirits of Form had achieved everything that their own nature desires and moreover is able to achieve, when the mission of Sphere Three was fulfilled in the Cosmos, Sphere Four would have arisen quite naturally from Sphere Three. That is obvious. But we know that Luciferic and Ahrimanic spirits are at work — and they hold back for themselves something of the Old Moon substantiality, wrest it away, as it were, from the Spirits of Form. The fact that Lucifer and Ahriman do so is indicative of their essential nature. Thus as Sphere Three is advancing to a further stage, something is wrested from the Spirits of Form by Lucifer and Ahriman; into this part that is wrested away, Lucifer and Ahriman penetrate, instead of the Spirits of Form. The activities of Lucifer and Ahriman are added to those of the Spirits of Movement and, as a result, Eight arises out of Three. (Note by translator: The Eighth Sphere out of the Third Sphere.)

Something else, then, must be there, not merely the Old Moon, and this “something else” which comes into being as well as Sphere Four is constituted by the fact that mineral substantiality, as it comes into being, is wrested away at the moment of the birth of the Fourth Sphere. Thus when the mineral comes into existence out of the Imaginative substantiality, it is snatched by Lucifer and Ahriman and made into Imagination. – Rudolf Steiner The Occult Movement in the Nineteenth Century, Lecture Five

“This is the dimension of imagination…This is going to be fun.” – Meta advert

“Instead of an Earth arising from the remaining Old Moon substantiality, a cosmic body takes shape whose birth is due to the fact that the substantiality wrested from the Earth is made into what has come over from the Old Moon.

Now recall how I have described the conditions pertaining to the Old Moon, in the book Occult Science. In the Old Moon there was as yet nothing mineral. Had mineral substance been present, that world-body would have been an Earth, not Moon. Sphere Four comes into being through the birth of the mineral element. In that Lucifer and Ahriman approach, snatch mineral substantiality out of Sphere Four and infuse it into Sphere Three, the Old Moon is recapitulated, but now with materiality that belongs properly to the Earth.

Mark this well: instead of pure Imaginations being there, the Imaginations are densified by the infusion of a mineral element that has been wrested from the Earth. Densified Imaginations are thus created. We are therefore drawn into a world of densified Imaginations which are not lunar in character because they have been densified by materiality belonging to the Earth. They are ghosts, spectres — that is to say, behind our world there is a world of spectres created by Lucifer and Ahriman.” – Rudolf Steiner The Occult Movement in the Nineteenth Century, Lecture Five

Within spiritual science Rudolf Steiner used the names Lucifer and Ahriman to designate two adversarial opposing forces – cosmic principles if you like, which can be envisaged as beings that we encounter in order to develop freedom. The degree to which they are held in balance by the central principle, which we refer to in its individualised manifestation when we say “I”Am, being in many ways the extent to which we are free.
“Steiner describes unseen beings who tempt and waylay us in two very different directions. On one side there are the servants of Lucifer, the fallen angel of light. They are beings who have brought humanity great gifts, but who would abandon the goals of the highest hierarchies and create a blissful kingdom of spiritual light and delight for themselves. On the other side, there are immensely powerful beings who strive to blind us to the spirit, powers for whom it is self-evident that the universe is a machine and that what can be measured, weighed, and quantified is the only reality. These spirits of materialism belong to the dark power that ancient wisdom called Ahriman, or Angra Mainyu.” – Henry Barnes A Life for the Spirit: Rudolf Steiner in the Crosscurrents of Our Time, Anthroposophic Press 1997, p. 131
Rudolf Steiner and other supersensible researchers explain how the workings of Lucifer and Ahriman are connected with the forces of man-made electricity and magnetism, the polarities that information processing technologies are based upon. It is not as simple as Lucifer solely being connected with electricity and Ahriman magnetism, more research is required on this subject. Thinking of electricity as infinitely compressed light and magnetism as infinitely compressed sound is however helpful.
“Electricity is light in the sub-material state. Light is there compressed to the utmost degree. An inward quality too must be ascribed to light; light is itself at every point in space. Warmth can expand in the three dimensions of space. In light there is a fourth; it is of fourfold extensions – it has the quality of inwardness as a fourth dimension.” – Rudolf Steiner GA 92

At the centre of the United Nations headquarters meditation room in New York sits a massive magnetic alter made from magnetite iron ore. Mr Hammarskjöld, former UN secretary general described it as:

Lucifer UN
“We have the physical world, the astral world, the lower devachan (low spiritual) and the higher devachan (high spiritual). If the body is thrust down lower even than the physical world, one comes into the sub physical world, the lower astral world (counter astral), the lower or evil lower devachan (counter low spiritual) and the lower or evil higher devachan (counter high spiritual). The evil astral world is the province of Lucifer, the evil lower devachan the province of Ahriman, and the evil higher devachan the province of the Asuras. When chemical action is driven down beneath the physical plane – into the evil devachanic world – magnetism arises. When light is thrust down into the submaterial – that is to say a stage lower than the material world – electricity arises. If what lives in the harmony of the spheres is thrust down farther still, into the province of the Asuras, an even more terrible force – which it will not be possible to keep hidden very much longer – is generated. It can only be hoped that when this force comes to be known – a force we must conceive as being far, far stronger than the most violent electrical discharge – it can only be hoped that before some inventor gives this forces into the hands of humankind, human beings will no longer have anything immoral left in them.” – Rudolf Steiner GA 91

The Lucis trust, which has received significant funding from both Bill Gates and George Soros is very much involved with the United Nations and although they do not openly worship Lucifer (and Ahriman?) they are more open about their feelings towards electricity.

“Beneath the surface of the information and communications revolution, an arcane process is at work with tremendous implications for humanity’s future. In the digital circuits on which the Internet, computers and cellular phones all rely, electricity is made to run through the circuitry pattern on a silicon chip performing an ordered, repetitive dance – the rudiments of ceremony and ritual. Electricity is the life-force of Divinity; and the harnessing and directing of electrical behaviour is all part of the Divine Plan.”– Lucis Trust Technology and the Plan

Compare the perspective given by the Lucis Trust to that obtained through spiritual scientific research.

“There are very few as yet who even feel the greatness of the spiritual tasks approaching man in this direction. Electricity, for instance, celebrated since its discovery as the very soul of nature’s existence, must be recognized in its true character – in its peculiar power of leading down from nature to sub-nature. Only man himself must beware lest he slide downward with it.” – Rudolf Steiner March 1925, in Anthroposophical Leading Thoughts, trans. George and Mary Adams (London: Rudolf Steiner Press, 1973; GA 313), pp. 217-219.

David Spangler is said to have been director of the Planetary Initiative at the United Nations. There no longer seems to be any direct evidence for this, however, he was certainly connected with the organisation, EU documents show that he was a ‘planetary citizen’.

“Lucifer comes to give to us the final gift of wholeness. If we accept it then he is free and we are free. This is the Luciferic initiation. It is one that many people now, and in the days ahead, will be facing, for it is an initiation in the New Age.” – David Spangler Reflections on the Christ, 1978 ed, Chapter IV, p 44-45 (unchecked)

D-Wave made the world’s first commercial quantum computers. (strictly speaking, quantum annealers running adiabatic quantum computing algorithms) They are used by Google, NASA, Amazon, Lockheed Martin and many others. Their latest computer has 5,000 qubits, which equates to the computational processing power of 2 to the power of 5,000. Geordie Rose, founder of D-Wave Systems, gave a most prescient explanation as to how quantum computers actually work.

He first quotes David Deutsch, a pioneer in the field of quantum physics.

“Quantum computation …will be the first technology that allows useful tasks to be performed in collaboration between parallel universes.” David Deutsch @ Ted 2005

and then goes on to say:

“Science has reached the point now where we can build machines that can exploit those other worlds. […] The shadows of these parallel worlds overlap with ours and if we are smart enough, we can dive into them and grab their resources and pull them back into ours, to make an effect in our world […] what I am telling you is absolutely correct and in line with the way these things actually work.” Geordie Rose- Founder D-Wave Systems
When standing next to to the black cube of a the D-Wave Quantum Computer he said that:
“It feels like an altar to an alien God”.
The large hydron collider at the European Organization for Nuclear Research, known as CERN, is another device that according to the project’s scientists could be accessing other dimensions. It could be seen in some ways as a single giant qubit.

“Out of this door might come something, or we might send something through it” – Sergio Bertolucci Director for Research and Scientific Computing at CERN

In ‘From Gondhishapur To Silicon Valley book 2’ Paul Emberson explains in great detail that quantum computers work by exploiting certain characteristics of the Eighth Sphere.

Imagine a future time when the internet is a quantum internet and much of our technology uses quantum-based processors. As strange as it may sound, the processing will not be taking place within the physical hardware but, rather, the physical hardware will create a condition where the processors can access and utilise the parallel, non-physical dimension of our reality system known as the Eighth Sphere.

“If everything were to run without a hitch for Lucifer and Ahriman, if they were everywhere able to wrest as much as they wrest from the organ of the head, Earth-evolution would soon reach a point where Lucifer and Ahriman could succeed in destroying our Earth and in leading over all evolution of worlds into the Eighth Sphere, so that Earth-evolution as a whole would take a different course. Hence Lucifer endeavours to unfold his greatest strength of all at the place where man is the most vulnerable, namely, in his head.” Rudolf Steiner- The Occult Movement in the Nineteenth Century, Lecture Five

Steiner’s words at the time must have sounded like lurid science fiction but when seen in the light of current and future technological developments, they stand as a prescient warning of a terrible future that awaits humanity if we continue blindly along our current course of technological development and continue to deny any reality beyond the senses.
The Eighth sphere is not something new, it already exists, interpenetrating and being a part of physical reality. Its effect on and its role in evolution however is emerging and becoming ever more apparent.

“if the Eighth Sphere is to be described, it must obviously be described as a realm in which we are living all the time.” – Rudolf Steiner The Occult Movement in the Nineteenth Century, Lecture 5

Is the enforced social distancing a further progression and physical manifestation of the social distancing we have been practising for many years through our technology? We are moving and being pushed into a world where human-to-human contact is being replaced with interaction through technology. Has the widespread use of the internet and binary technology over the past years had a detrimental effect on the finer non-physical bodies of the human being? If so, how would that damage and future damage manifest?

“The pictures of the external world made inward through the brain are absorbed by the blood and transformed into vital formative forces. These are the forces that build up the human body; in other words, blood is the substance that builds the body. We are dealing with a process that brings the blood into contact with the outer world; it enables it to take from it the most perfect substance, oxygen. Oxygen continually renews the blood, endowing it with new life.” – Rudolf Steiner Supersensible Knowledge, Lecture 2, Blood is a very Special Fluid

What vital formative forces are absorbed by the blood if the pictures we are exposed to are increasingly electronically produced digitised pictures; and is blood that is damaged by mRNA/DNA injections still able to transform the pictures from the external world into vital formative forces in the right/same way?
We have already given over a great deal of our thinking ability to the internet.

“Today people have lost the ability to think. For example we have machines today which add and subtract; everything is convenient. Now, in the Future you will not get a law passed which says you must not think. No. What will happen is that things will be done the effect of which will be to exclude all individual thinking. This is the other pole to which we are proceeding. This is connected with the development of the West.” – Rudolf Steiner Things in Past and Present in the Spirit of Man Lecture IV

We face a pivotal moment in human history when binary technology starts to enter the body of human beings, changing the evolutionary path of those who accept it. Bio-integrated quantum technology would, ‘if developed’, directly entangle human beings with the Eighth Sphere.

Mastercard, working with Gavi to develop a ‘Wellness Pass’, in their latest advert explains perfectly the delusion of connectedness that is promised by the socially distanced world that is being forced upon humanity :

Does the online world really unite us and create a new sphere of freedom?

“Those virtual worlds of 2060, to which an untold number of human beings will sacrifice their soul forces, will not be made up of limited sets of alternative scenarios programmed by human software developers, as computer games are today. They will be programmed in real-time by the giant super-computers, which will continuously adapt the scenes and plots of the game to the individual player’s thoughts and emotional responses. Each player will live in his own personal world. It will be the ultimate splitting up of humanity.” – Paul Emberson Supersensible Researcher, 50 Years from Now, Anthro Tech Newsletter 2009

The new education system that is being introduced will prepare our children to accept this future.

“It’s a very decentralised system so education is just like the individual at the centre, so everything you are hearing, personalised learning and individual education plans, it’s like one big person and you’re the centre of your own universe and around you there aren’t teachers or schools, its many digital interfaces, devices and data gathering platforms…” – Alison McDowell The dangers of education reform.

“The difference between being offline and online will be much harder to delineate.” –World Economic Forum What is the metaverse? And why we should care?

It is important to understand that the higher and lower aspects of the non-physical worlds are not above us and below us, they are in a sense aspects of our being, they are around us, inside of us, and interpenetrate us at all times. If you connect yourself to the metaverse you connect yourself to specific beings (conscious dynamic action potentials) which have certain qualities. The metaverse is a mechanism that will overtime rob you of the possibility of free independent action. As our children and subsequent generations pour their divinity into that sphere of activity, they will lose something.

Making our minds a component of the internet may for a time appear to give us incredible abilities, but in the process of assimilation we will not become the master of our minds, any abilities we receive will be given or bought. The mastery of our minds is the starting point for becoming the master of ourselves – which gives us the potential as we develop to increasingly partake, consciously, in the actual reality creation process.

The worlds within the Metaverse that we build may appear to be extremely free but the structure, upon which those worlds are built, is in actuality the antithesis of a world within which we can develop real freedom. Steiner explains that the only truly free deed that we can undertake in life is the act of meditation.

“When one begins to meditate, one accomplishes the only really free deed in this human life… we are completely free in this. Meditation is the archetypal free deed.” – Rudolf Steiner (GA 214, 20.8.1922)

When we choose to meditate, especially a will strengthening meditation that requires effort, we do so completely out of ourselves, nothing compels us. Think of the myriad number of activities that we undertake every day, we eat because we are hungry, we do such and such because we feel like doing it, we work so we can eat or so we can do things that we would like etc. When we reach a point where we have mastery of the three elements of soul; thinking, feeling and willing, then these elements become quiet, so to speak, they cease to compel us in anyway. We become free to connect them as we choose, they do not in themselves exert any influence over us.

When we create within the framework of the Metaverse we will not be doing so through the mastered direction of our thoughts and feelings, anyone who chooses, regardless of their level of self-mastery, will be able to create worlds and even whole universes.

Freedom to experience and give ourselves up to every imaginable sense impression within virtual reality is a certain kind of freedom but it is not a mechanism by which we strengthen the central creative principle that we refer to when we say “I” Am. On the contrary, it is the very mechanism which, over time, will destroy that which is the centre of who we all are, the principle in us that is at the same time the most individual and yet universal. We all have the same name. We all call ourselves “I”. If this is not the case then why do we hang our name upon our “I” so to speak? Why do we put it before our given name? We do not say Jane is “I” or John is “I”. The “I” is the centre of who we are and we strengthen it by balancing and becoming the master of the external and internal pressures that seek to influence us every minute of every day. When we completely give ourselves up to any and every sense impression that we desire, we are not becoming the master of ourselves. That is not to say that we cannot enjoy sense impressions! Do you want to be the master of yourself or a slave to yourself? The battle for whether we live in a world of freedom or one of slavery is fought within every single human beings’ heart. We can get feedback as to how well we are doing by looking at the external world! Staying ignorant of the spirit, of the true nature of reality is a choice. Taking ourselves in hand and developing ourselves or not is a choice. Those who choose not to develop themselves or learn the lessons that life tries to teach as well as those who choose a path of development but towards selfishness as opposed to selflessness will reach a point where they are not able to exist within the higher energetic framework that follows the Earth phase of our evolution. A phase that will be inhabited by those souls who work towards the development of Spirt Self, Life Spirit and Spirit Man.

“If you do not use your own powers, others will come who will put them to use. Then a high supersensible world will incorporate all the fruit of the sensible realm, but the ground you stand on will be pulled out from under your feet. The purified world will develop over and beyond you. You will be excluded from it. If this is your choice, then yours is the black path. But those from whom you separate yourself tread the white path.” – Rudolf Steiner Knowledge of Higher Worlds and its Attainment, The Great Guardian of the Threshold.
Here Steiner seems to be referring to those who have developed themselves to a certain level but choose a path of service to self. Those who’s “I” manifestation is reduced and damaged over time through technological and other means are, as far as the author understands, in a slightly different category from those who choose the black path although both categories will be excluded as is indicated. Not through some kind of judgment but simply by the fact that they will not have developed a spirit body that is able to exist in higher energetic states of being.

There needs to be a mechanism by which coherent energetic structures are separated from the incoherent.

“The Eighth Sphere is not a physical place, it is a state of being, a condition, where the “I” is so destroyed that no free action of a person is possible.” – Frank Burdich, supersensible researcher

Why do we need the forces of death and decay that the Eighth Sphere is a part of? If we imagine a physical example then it might be easier to envision the spiritual aspects. Imagine a world without death and decay, such a place would not be able to function for long. All that that has not reached a certain level of development will be pulled into the Eighth Sphere, only the spiritual fruits that come out of the physical Earth part of our evolution will go forward. That is not to say that those souls that do not go forward this time round will be completely lost. They will likely get another chance but will have to start at the beginning and rebuild themselves.

When trying to understand such a challenging subject as the Eighth Sphere and its relationship to the Metaverse, it is helpful to hold in mind the highest potentiality of what a human being can become. A possibility only made possible because of the consciousness structure that we find ourselves in, a structure that includes the Eighth Sphere, the forces of death and decay, and all those qualities that we call evil. If we called evil – learning structures that are out of place and balance, then we might not slip quite so easily into dualist fearful thinking.

“Man is today essentially a consciousness, or understanding being, whereas in many ways his will is limited. He understands the surrounding world as a totality — that is, to a certain degree — but has no real control over all that he penetrates with his knowledge. This control by his will is a development of the future, and it will become ever stronger until he attains that central goal of existence known to spiritual science as “the great sacrifice,” signifying the power of will to sacrifice oneself completely, not merely in driblets of human sacrifice of the kind of which man is capable today with his puny present feelings and will power. In future time he will have developed the strength to sacrifice his whole being by letting it flow directly into material substance.

One may picture this “great sacrifice,” the highest expression of will in divine nature, by imagining oneself before a mirror in which one’s image is reflected. This image is, of course, an illusion, a semblance. Now carry over this image to the point of imagining yourself dying, sacrificing your existence, your feeling and thought, your very being, to inject life into that image. Spiritual science in all ages has called this phenomenon the “outpouring,” “the emanation.” If you could really make this sacrifice, it would be clear that you would no longer be here because you would have given up your whole being to this reflected image to imbue it with life and consciousness.

When the will has become capable of making the “great sacrifice,” it actually creates a universe, great or small, whose mission is bestowed upon it by its creator. Such is the creative will in the Divine Being.

The second principle in the Godhead, life spirit, insofar as it has flowed into humanity, has already been indicated in the comparison that has been made with the mirror. This second principle is the reflected image itself.

Now imagine the inner being of a Divinity that has in this way created a universe, with itself as the center. If, for example, you imagine yourself as the central point in this room, surrounded not by these six surfaces of walls, ceiling and floor, but by a hollow globe that reflects its content, you will see yourself, as the central point, reflected on all sides, everywhere. In like manner you can picture a Divinity as a central will, reflected on all sides, and the mirror is both image of Divinity and the universe. For what is a universe? Nothing but a mirror of the essential nature of Divinity.

The universe lives and moves because the Divinity is poured into it — the “outpouring” — when Divinity makes the “great sacrifice” and is reflected in the universe. The pouring of life and being into a reflected image is an exact picture of this divine creative process.

The divine will expresses itself in infinite diversity, animating thereby the entire universe. In spiritual science, this process of Divinity repeating itself in infinite differentiation, in multiplicity, is known as “the kingdom,” distinguished from the will itself. The will is the central point; its reflection, the kingdom. The will is in this sense comparable with spirit man; the kingdom, or will’s reflected image, with life spirit.

The kingdom, in turn, reproduces the being of the Divine in infinite variety. Observe it fully, at least to the extent to which it is our kingdom, our multiplicity, or universe. Observe its visible manifestations in minerals, plants, animals and human beings. The kingdom is manifested in each separate being of all these, a fact that even our language expresses in the terms “mineral kingdom,” “vegetable kingdom,” “animal kingdom” and all the great divisions of our universe. The kingdom is all these; each of these in turn, is a kingdom, and if we observe the mass of details involved, we find the nature of all to be divine. In all of them the divine being is reflected, just as the central being is reflected in a hollow globe.

So an observer, looking at the world in the sense of spiritual research, sees God reflected in every human being as an expression and image of the Divine. In a graded series of beings, in infinite diversity, the Godhead appears in the kingdom, and the separate entities are distinguished from one another in the sense of spiritual science by their names. An observer at a stage of existence sufficiently lofty to look upon all these separate entities as “emanations,” or “outpourings,” of the Divine is able to give these entities their names, to give each manifestation of the Divine its name.
Of all beings in the universe, only man thinks the name of each of the separate members of the great multiplicity of the kingdom, distinguishing each from all the others. The will, as we have noted is comparable with spirit man; the kingdom, or reflected image into which the will has been “outpoured,” is comparable with life spirit. The third of the three highest human principles that emanate from the Divine, by which the separate members of the great multiplicity of the kingdom are distinguished from one another and separately named, is comparable with spirit self. The occult science of the different religions has thus simply taught what it was that emanated from the Godhead and flowed into a person to become his eternal image or archetype.

Thus, if you could see yourselves in that condition to which you should finally rise — the condition of spirit man — you would recognize its will-like nature.
If you would rise in thought to a comprehension of the vehicle of will (spirit man) — in other words, to life spirit — you would see that it is the kingdom that represents it in the divine sphere.

If you would rise to penetrate what the names, or conceptions or ideas of things really signify in spirit, you would see that it is the name that represents this wisdom in the divine sphere.

So does ancient teaching reveal that the emanation of Divinity, which has flowed into human nature to form its eternal part, consists of name, of kingdom, of will. Thus what is called the higher triad in man is recognizable as part of the Divine.

To complete this picture, think of the four lower principles of perishable human nature. The three higher principles may be thought of, we know, as principles of the Godhead. Similarly, the four lower principles may be considered as of the perishable world, as human principles.” – Rudolf Steiner

Is our universe such a creation? Is the centre of who we are a part of the being who created our universe? Are we individuated manifestations within that creation who have awoken to self-consciousness that now in a sense look back at ourself and ask who we are?

Do we want to learn one day to pour our divinity out and actually create universes or play at making universes while we pour our divinity into the Metaverse, a process by which we sacrifice our divine essence to adversarial powers?

It’s time to choose.

Behaviourally Sequenced Into The Eighth Sphere

“-Behavioural Bequencing- Since the 1970s, huge efforts have been made in sequencing the human genome. Today, after many years of research and billions of data points, that sequence is known.

By adopting a similar perspective with user data, we may begin to better understand its role, just as the examination of protein structures paved the way to genetic sequencing – the mass multi-generational examination of actions and results could introduce a model of behavioural sequencing.

As gene sequencing yields a comprehensive map of human biology, researchers are increasingly able to target parts of the sequence and modify them in order to achieve a desired result.

As patterns begin to emerge in the behavioural sequences, they too may be targeted. The ledger could be given a focus, shifting it from a system which not only tracks our behaviour, but offers direction towards a desired result.” – Google  The Selfish Ledger


“Identity may be termed action which is conscious of itself. For the purpose of our discussion, the terms ‘action’ and ‘identity’ must be separated, but basically no such separation exists. An identity is also a dimension of existence, action within action, an unfolding of action upon itself – and through this interweaving of action with itself, through this re-action, an identity is formed. The energy of action, the workings of action with-. in and upon itself, forms identity. Yet though identity is formed from action, action and identity cannot be separated. Identity, then, is action’s effect upon itself.”– The Seth Material  page 235

As we consciously and actively work upon the self that we experience, through the instrument of the physical body, existing within the physical world, we experience a strengthening of our sense of self; our body and the world being a reflection of that action made visible. The origin of “Creative action” lies in directed thinking; thought proceeds all action. If we give our thinking capacity over to computers and ‘Ai’ and allow them to direct our thoughts and actions, then we diminish the primary creative action from which all else follows and the mechanism by which identity is formed. We are not our thoughts – they are something we are aware of and, with practice, can control. When our consciousness is focused within the virtual world of the internet – which is an artificial plane as opposed to the natural world – our avatar, and that world, becomes a new reflective apparatus by which consciousness knows itself. The binary virtual mirror however is not primarily the result of our thinking made visible; the mirror is built from code, programmed not by us but by programmers and soon Ai. In the future our thoughts could of course be made visible in virtual worlds; however, we then have to ask the question as to the motivation of the consciousness structures that stand behind the technology that forms those worlds. Do they want human beings to become free or to give up ever more of their thinking capacity over to machines?

“These beings desire to give, as it were, a kind of permanent existence to a sense-bound thinking within the physical world.” Rudolf Stiener –The Threshold of the Spiritual World Lecture V: Concerning Reincarnation and Karma

The simplest of actions within the internet are searching and following hyperlinks within the found results. The operator is not connecting his or her own thoughts, it is being done or at least directed by the computer. Of course, others may have made connections within certain web pages that we then follow; however, most of the time people are following thought connections given to them by ‘Ai’-based search algorithms. The level of manipulation now employed by search engines, social media and other information sharing platforms makes the results highly biased. If search engines are taking over part of our thinking process and deciding which results we see, is that not a form of manipulation, that in turn affects social and individual reality creation?

One of the first steps that one has to learn on a path of initiation is the control of thinking, becoming the master of one’s own thoughts. This involves clearing the plateau of consciousness, thus creating inner quietness. Further stages involve the mastery of feelings, and actions.

It is now clear enough to see that an increasing role of binary technology and the internet is in the simulation of things and experiences including, in the future, simulated initiation. Already we have technological sense impressions related to the three stages of initiation – imagination (thinking), intuition (Feeling), and inspiration (Will or action) – that serve the purpose of keeping people from the real experience.
• Instead of taking hold of and becoming the master of our thinking ‘Ai’ thinks more and more for us.
• Instead of becoming the master of our feelings, simulated experience provides an unlimited number induced emotional states.
• Instead of becoming the master of our actions we are pulled down by technology, encouraged, often below the level of conscious awareness, to give ourselves up to any egoistic experience that we desire, substitute experience and action taking place increasingly online.
The more that algorithms form our understanding and reality experience for us, the less interweaving of action upon itself takes place and thus less of an identity, or sense of Self, is formed.
Consider that the extent to which we don’t become the master of our thinking, feelings and actions through the conscious directed action of the ‘I Am’ Principle, is the extent to which they will become controlled and commoditised within the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

“Once more, action is not a force from without that acts upon matter. Action is, instead, the inside vitality of the inner universe—it is the dilemma between inner vitality’s desire and impetus to completely materialize itself, and its inability to completely do so.” – The Seth Material  page 235

What is the inside vitality of the universe? We know it when we say ‘I Am’.

The Individual and Universal “I”

We all share the same name. We say ‘I Am’ John or ‘I Am’ Jane. We say ‘I’ before our given name. It is the most intimate part of us, the centre of who we are yet, at the same time, the most universal. What is this quality of the ‘I’ that goes beyond family, race or bloodline? We are all brothers and sisters, individuals, yet, at the same time, one.
The ‘system’ seeks to create a world of forced illusionary oneness. A world where there will be no room for individuality or freedom – we will have to give these things up for a ‘greater good.’

UDHR Article 29(1) Everyone has duties to the community in which alone the free and full development of his personality is possible.

UDHR Article 29(2) In the exercise of his rights and freedoms, everyone shall be subject only to such limitations as are determined by law solely for the purpose of securing due recognition and respect for the rights and freedoms of others and of meeting the just requirements of morality, public order and the general welfare in a democratic society.

UDHR Article 29(3) These rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations. – United Nations Universal Declaration of ‘Human Rights’ 1948

Articles 29(1) and 29(2) need to be interpreted in relation to 29(3) while holding in mind the intentions of the United Nations as alluded to throughout this work. Do we find selflessness out of ourselves, as a strong ‘I’, or have it forced upon us at the expense of our individuality?

Over time, those who tread the path towards transhumanism, consciously or unconsciously, will through direct electronic connection to the internet via 5G/6G/7G and one day quantum interfaces, become part of a hive mind; all connected yet separate from each other. The counter-force to the “I”Am manifests as that system, the adversarial force that we need to exert our will against in order to become free out of ourselves. In the process of facing this adversarial power we can become strong individuals who can choose to do what is best for the greater good, for each other, for Earth evolution and all life, out of selfless love; or we give up our “I” to A‘i’; thus forced to do ‘the right thing’, sacrificing freedom in the real world for unlimited counterfeit freedom in virtual worlds. As we pour our divinity into those worlds, we slowly loose our sense of self.
At our current point of evolution, we need the physical body in order to develop self-consciousness, to experience the “I”Am through the lens of individuality, separate from, but still woven from this universal quality. How will the alteration of our bodies though genetic manipulation and synthetic biology affect this?

“This self-perception or consciousness of self can only awaken in a physical body.” Rudolf Steiner

What will be the consequence of identifying less and less with our real physical body and more with an artificial, digitally created avatar built from the polarities of electricity and magnetism? Will it interfere with the development of self-awareness (know thyself), the first thing one has to learn to do on the path to higher knowledge.
“The first thing a pupil must learn to do is pay attention to himself.” – Rudolf Steiner From The Esoteric Classes
The Inverted Counter Part to the “I”

“i am an explorer finding my way through Earth’s frozen expanses and peering into darkness in search of water on the moon. i am a guardian, watching for signs of pollution from the sky and protecting us from danger here on Earth. i am a visionary, learning from the past to better predict the future and keep us safe for generations to come. i am a helper, keeping our most valuable species healthy and our crops abundant. i am a healer, making our hospitals smarter for the future and unneeded treatments a thing of the past. i am a creator opening new paths to innovation and new forms of artistic expression. i am a storyteller giving emotion to words, and breaking down the language barrier. i am even the composer of the music. i am ai brought to life by NVIDIA deep learning, and brilliant minds everywhere” – NVIDEA keynote November 2021

Accenture, one of the companies developing id2020, made an ‘i Am’ advert (Time Ref: 3:15/3:24) that has strange similarities to telecommunications company Orange’s ‘i Am’ ad campaign. IXO’s impact identification blockchain uses ‘IAMIMPACT‘ for their tagline.

“I am my mum and my sister. I am my best friend Mike who I have known since school. I am Kate who is still somewhere in Thailand. I’m all the girls I ever kissed and the girls I will. I am the teacher that failed me and the one that spurred me on. I am my bosses and every one of my friends. I am a bloke I’ll meet travelling, who will teach me the guitar. I am the places I’ll go to with mates and the jokes I’ll share with them. I am the people who put me down and the ones who picked me up. I am who I am because of everyone. – Advert by Telecommunications Company Orange.

‘i’xo, a blockchain company, also takes this universal truth and uses it for its promotional material.

“Never before have we had such a unique opportunity to make a positive impact on the world. What really matters now is educating for the future, averting climate change, and ensuring that no person is left behind. One of the biggest challenges in delivering, evaluating and investing for results is a lack of good quality trusted impact data. To count what matters we need high definition data with crypto economic proof of impact. What if you could track and value the impact of your contributions on people and the planet. Introducing ixo the blockchain for impact driven by data and optimised by Ai ixo provides a trusted global information network that is owned by everyone. This enables you to become the creator of your own impact projects and a stakeholder in the projects you believe in. The ixo protocol ensures that impact claims are verified with the help of intelligent verification protocols. Verified data is a valuable asset and is minted as an impact token. This enables us to value what counts. Now you can watch projects around the world grow in value as they develop proof of impact. In the time it took to watch this video ixo could have verified exponential impacts across the world, enabling people like Nahal to have a future. If this is the impact we could have in 90 seconds, imagine what we can do together to achieve the global goals to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for everyone by 2030. I AM IMPACT. – ixo advert.

As does Accenture.

“id 2020 a public private partnership committed to providing a digital identity to the 1.2 billion individuals without a way to prove their existence. We believe it’s the first step towards a digital identity that makes answering the question, Who Are You? as simple as saying I am.’” – Accenture id2020 partner

The higher “I”Am quality could be described as pure sympathy and the counter-force to it as pure antipathy.
FEDERATED ‘i Am’ (identity Access Management)
The common language for exchanging user access information is known as Federated ‘i Am’.
– Identity: Who is this user?
– Authentication: How/when did the user sign in?
– Authorization: What is the user allowed to do?

Single Sign On (SSO) is a sub-protocol of FEDERATED ‘i’am which allows a user to log in once and access multiple services. For example, when you log into Gmail you then don’t need to login to YouTube. We are moving towards a point where a user will have a single Federated id-entity for accessing the online world. Imagine in the future only having one login, a login not to individual services but to the internet. Once logged in, you would have access to all your accounts, services and virtual worlds, etc., that you were permitted to access. A part of the Payment Service Directive 2 (PSD2) from the E.U. makes strict security protocols a legal requirement for many countries. For now, this just means you will occasionally have to enter a security number received by text message or other security measure to access your bank, etc. However, this is an important step towards more pervasive forms of sign in

As mentioned previously, your birth certificate has a registration number that refers not to who you really are but to an artificially created legal fiction. Your ‘i’d2020, ‘i’vp6 or similar number will at first be a kind of birth certificate for your online persona but at some point, will likely converge, becoming one with your actual birth certificate.

“At the end, what the fourth Industrial Revolution will lead to is a fusion of our physical, our digital, and our biological identities.” – Klaus Schwab The Chicago Council On Global Affairs

Could it be what your birth certificate was always destined to become? How long before babies are connected to the internet from birth?

“I suspect the COVID-19 vaccine will become part of the routine new born immunization schedule.” Bill Gates–GatesNotes

When a parent registers a child and receives a birth certificate do they in some ways assign property rights to the Government? A legal fiction or person being created. How is it that social services are able to take someone’s child against the parents’ will or for governments to talk of forced vaccination? When we contract and take part in commerce we do so within a legal framework of statute law that regulates ‘person’ to ‘person’ interactions. Without a birth certificate we are not able to travel, get a driving license, open a bank account, etc. As everything is INCORPORATED into the internet the status of your artificial person, whether you like it or not, is being moved online: banking, medical records, communication, tax records, credit score and so on. Your passport and birth certificate still remain off-line, in as much as you still need the physical documents, but for how much longer?

In the same way that we need a birth certificate number to partake in modern society, with little doubt we will one day need a registered virtual identify in order to partake in commerce in the artificial world of the Metaverse. If this ‘i’d number is mandated to be made a part of, or represented by the human body, then those who do not accept will not be able to buy and sell in that world or within the real world if access to digital money requires access to online services. Will genetic modification through vaccination or other means be a requirement to receive such an ‘i’d? Implementing a mandatory online ‘i’dentity system that requires some form of physical augmentation could even be achieved through obsolescence. If non-biologically integrated devices for accessing the Metaverse became obsolete then access without augmentation would simply not be possible. Try going online with a 15-year-old laptop without updating the software!

Federated ‘i Am’ is the framework for a centralised/decentralised Federated system of authentication. If you were removed by your identity provider you would be removed from federated application, and once you are removed from federation application you wouldn’t be able to access any services.

The federation application will basically check two things. Is your ‘i’dentity provider a part of the federation? And do you have permission to access the service?
Throughout this document the author has used a capitalised “I” in reference to the higher “I” or central principle within the human being, the part of us that can work down into our perceived self and change the person that we think we are, the captain of the ship if you like, and a lower case ‘i’ in reference to the counter-force to the higher “I”Am principle. Consider that the endless number of ‘i’ devices that we use, iphones etc., refer to manifestations of this counter principle as well as to our lower self that our ‘i’d-entity number represents, the vehicle that will be tied ever more to the artificial world of fiction unless we choose a different path, a path that leads the self, back to the spirit through the directed working of the “I”Am principle against the counter force of the ‘i’am (not) principle. You transform your ‘i’dentity to an “I”dentity.
On the following diagram the idea is taken one step further. The counter force to the “I” is shown as an inverted small ‘i’ (‘!’), the correctly orientated small ‘i’ representing the lower self or lower ego.
In September 2021 Huawei streamed a presentation about future technological developments. A short promotional video at the start depicts a creation story – the birth of a new sphere of existence.
The video starts by showing spherical lines that can be seen from the earth.
A white sphere close to the moon can be seen from the Earth.

“Today people may consider it comparatively harmless to elaborate only those automatic, lifeless thoughts which arise in connection with the mineral world and the mineral nature of plant, animal and man. Materialists revel in such thoughts which are – well ¬– thoughts and nothing more. But try to imagine what will happen if men go on unfolding no other kinds of thoughts until the time is reached in the eighth millennium for the moon-existence to unite again with the earth. […] because the shadowy intellect can only grasp the mineral nature, the crudely material nature in the minerals, plants and animals, nay even in the human kingdom itself – all these thoughts which have no reality will in a trice become substantial realities when the moon unites again with the earth. And from the earth there will spring forth a terrible brood of beings, a brood of automata of an order of existence lying between the mineral and the plant kingdoms, and possessed of an overwhelming power of intellect.

This swarm will seize upon the earth, will spread over the earth like a network of ghastly, spider-like creatures, of an order lower than that of plant-existence, but possessed of overpowering wisdom. These spidery creatures will be all interlocked with one another, and in their outward movements they will imitate the thoughts that men have spun out of the shadowy intellect that has not allowed itself to be quickened by the new form of Imaginative Knowledge by Spiritual Science. All the thoughts that lack substance and reality will then be endowed with being.

The earth will be surrounded – as it is now with air and as it sometimes is with swarms of locusts – with a brood of terrible spider-like creatures, half-mineral, half-plant, interweaving with masterly intelligence it is true, but with intensely evil intent. And in so far as man has not allowed his shadowy intellectual concepts to be quickened to life, his existence will be united not with the Beings who have been trying to descend since the last third of the nineteenth century, but with this ghastly brood of half-mineral, half-plant like creatures. He will have to live together with these spider-like creatures and to continue his cosmic existence within the order of evolution into which this brood will then enter.

This is a destiny that is very emphatically part of human evolution upon the earth, and it is quite well known today by many of those who try to hold humanity back from the knowledge of Spiritual Science. For there are men who are actually conscious allies of this process of the entanglement of earth-existence.” – Rudolf Steiner A Picture of Earth-Evolution in the Future

Next the moon is shown disappearing behind the Earth.
The moon disappears and the viewers’ attention is brought to the sphere close to the moon. Technological looking circles are then depicted around it. In the middle of the sphere there is a 1 representing digital. (0 and 1). Planets surround this sphere as if it is the centre of a new universe.

“In the beginning there was nothing but infinite potential. Then from zero came one and the universe was born. Combining ones and zeros we forged the digital world. So what comes next?” – Huawei-Exploring the Intelligent World 2030 September 22, 2021

A hand holding a sphere with A‘i’ in its centre appears, a finger then points towards the ‘i’ of A‘i’.
Next the ‘i’ of A‘i’ inverts with the world; the above becomes the below and the inverted below becomes the above.
We are then taken to a place that feels somewhat separate from the real world. We can see an outline of a sphere in the background as well as an inverted pyramid that to start with was in its normal orientation – the mirror image of the inverted pyramid can also be seen – continuing the theme of mirroring and inversion.
Here, a young boy meets his future self. After a conversation about the boy’s future, the future self gives himself the inverted ‘i’ of A‘i’.
The boy then cradles the inverted ‘i’ of A‘i’as if it something most precious. From out of the inverted ‘i’ a new world is born – the Metaverse.
“The essential part of a computer is the sets of instructions we give it: the operating system and the other software. These are thoughts, algorithms, working as electrical processes. As for the information, the data, handled by computers: this is also thoughts in binary code, converted to electrical and magnetic processes. These electrical and magnetic processes have so far run their course according to the material laws governing electronic and magnetic phenomena in Earth existence. In quantum computers this will no longer be the case. The electrical and magnetic operations will follow different laws and will no longer take place on the Earth. They will run their course in the Eighth Sphere.

Now, the spectral formations of the Eighth Sphere that are perceptible only to visionary imagination – those spectral formations that are, in fact, destructive spiritual beings – permeate the whole of our earthly world. The focal centre of this Eighth Sphere, however, does not coincide with the Earth. In so far as we can assimilate this focal centre to a location in space, we would have to imagine it as hidden behind the moon. The Moon itself is not the Eighth Sphere – on the contrary, it is a heavenly body made of the very densest solid mineral matter, too dense for Lucifer and Ahriman to snatch away. The spirits of form set the Moon in its position in the heavens to protect mankind from the full power of the Eighth Sphere. But just as the sphere of the Moon – the sphere delimited by the orbit of the Moon – embraces the Earth, so does the Eighth Sphere.
Let us picture to ourselves for a moment (this image is not quite exact but it serves to illustrate the problem) that we are using a desktop computer, or laptop. But it is a quantum desktop or laptop, not a conventional computer. We sit there typing on the keyboard, or moving and clicking the mouse, or stroking the touch screen. The solid physical housing of the computer is there in front of us. But the actual computer – the complex of electrical thought-processes – is not there in our world. If we are not using an ordinary computer but a quantum computer connected to a quantum network, the information processing is taking place behind the Moon, in a parallel world. – Paul Emberson, Supersensible Researcher From Gondishapur to Silicon Valley Volume 2, P.775

FEDERATED ‘i Am’ (identity Access Management)
“The ultimate ownership of all property is in the State; individual so-called ‘ownership’ is only by virtue of government, i.e. law, amounting to mere user; and user must be in accordance with law and subordinate to the necessities of the State.”—Senate Document No. 43, 73D Congress, 1st Session, entitled: “Contracts Payable in Gold”, by George Cyrus Thorpe, submitted to the senate: April 17, 1933
In the online world only a particular ‘user’ has access to certain services, granted or not by ‘i’am (‘i’d-entity Access Management)

The ultimate ownership of all property online is outlined in the end-user agreement, individual so-called ownership is only by virtue of the service provider, i.e. legal agreement, amounting to mere user; and a user must be in accordance with the legal agreement (based upon STATUTE/CORPORATE law) and subordinate to the necessities of the service provider. There is no common law within the virtual world or to put it another way, you have no God given rights. Instead, the universal identity system will be constructed and controlled by corporations operating under statute/corporate law. Indeed, the universal ‘i’d system will become the guardian of your ‘person’, your fictional identity registered at birth. The corporations operating the web of control will be decentralised, operating above all governments.

“–Guardianship and Guardian Agents/Wallets–The ToIP (Trust Over IP) stack cannot become a universal layer for digital trust if it ignores the one-third of the world’s population that do not have smartphones or Internet access—or the physical, mental, or economic capacity to use ToIP-enabled infrastructure. This underscores the need for the ToIP layer to robustly support the concept of digital guardianship—the combination of a hosted cloud agent/wallet service and an individual or organization willing to take legal responsibility for managing that cloud agent/wallet on behalf of the person under guardianship, called the dependent.” Github – 0289: The Trust Over IP Stack

Notice that we are not at the top of the system but in the same category as animals!
The fictional world of commerce that we operate in is based upon our ignorance of statue law and the actual position that we hold within all of the contracts that we partake in. Just as the spiritual remedy is to remember our true position within the structure of reality so the legal remedy is to become aware of our actual position within the contracts we make.

“WE ARE THE MASTER KEY and we can unlock ourselves at any time by simply realising you create every contract therefore you are the settlor of a trust, the bank is the trustee and you, are also the beneficiary… The only positions important to you and I are those which affect us directly in any form of an expressed trust. In every case imaginable we are the creator of the trust or grantor as some call it and we are also the beneficiary within that trust since it was your investment that created the trust.

The bank in any capacity is the trustee and all third parties are agents for the trustees. Now in the world of equity and trust law some basic facts need to be made clear…

With you as both the grantor and the beneficiary you hold all the cards. Certain fundamental rules apply. The first being the beneficiary cannot be anything other than the creditor.

Since you are the true beneficiary and the bank is simply a trustee, how can the beneficiary be indebted to the trustee within a trust set up by a private individual that created the trust account through a bill of exchange and did not bring equitable consideration to the table.” – Robert Odeck The Apex Deception

Freedom within the online world is decided by ‘i Am.’
You could say that the small ‘i’ of the lower ego has served its purpose, in that it has given us the perspective from which we have been able to develop an individuated “I” consciousness.
From this point we can transform our Astral (becomes spirit self), Etheric (becomes life spirit) and physical body (becomes spirit man) and in the process build for ourselves a non-physical eternal spiritual body. The alternative to this is to continue to solely identify ourselves with our lower ego, the ‘i’, overtime being completely controlled as we delve too far into materialism. We become overly bound to our ‘i’dentity and thus our “I” is pulled down by our artificial persona.

“Now, what takes place in the organization when we think has certainly nothing to do with the essential being of thought, but it does have to do with the formation of the ‘I’- consciousness through thought. The true ‘I’- lies within the essential being of thought, but the ‘I’-consciousness does not. This is clear to anyone who observes thought in and unprejudiced way. The ‘I’ is to be found within thought; the ‘I’-consciousness arises through the fact that in ordinary consciousness the tracks made by thinking activity engrave themselves into the organisation. (Thus the ‘I’-consciousness arises through the bodily organisation. But this should not be mistaken for an assertion that the ‘I’-consciousness, once it has arisen remains dependent on the bodily organisation. Once the ‘I’-consciousness has come into being it is taken up into thinking and shares henceforth the spiritual being of thinking.)” Rudolf Steiner- The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity

We have achieved this, have we not? Is there anything more to be gained or found by looking for answers ever more deeply within physical reality? You have the priceless jewel of individuality (your dear self) that you came for, is it not now time to return home out of your own free will with this treasure? The path, should you choose, is internal not external.
Some of the representatives of the adversary choose another path, a path that leads to a different kind of inner freedom.

“The white magician would impart to other souls the spiritual life he bears within him. The black magician has the urge to kill, to create a void around him in the astral world because this void affords him a field in which his egoistic desires may disport themselves. He needs the power which he acquires by taking the vital force of everything that lives, that is to say, by killing it.” Rudolf Steiner- An Esoteric Cosmology, Lecture 4, The Astral World

The person that we think to be all that we are, is starting to be INCORPORATED into the Eighth Sphere and every effort is being made to reduce the manifestation of the “I”Am principle within us that has the potential to work down into, and become the master of our thinking, feeling and will that are presently held as one by our body – giving us the perspective of a single unified Self. From the perspective of that Self, we can learn to consciously hold those three aspects of self in harmony, the “I”, being the central directing force that can, through this process create a free non-physical version of that self, one that no longer requires a physical body for such a perspective, or the ‘person’ that we think we are, can transition to a virtual self, living more and more within, and reliant upon, an artificial world governed by A‘i’ super intelligence.
The historically esoteric or spiritual idea of earth evolution is that we return to oneness from whence we came, but with something we didn’t have before, individuality. We perceive all that is (our true Self) from the perspective of the individualised ‘I Am’.

“The All That Is wanted to see its own Essence in one global object which, having been blessed with existence, summarised the Divine Order so that there It could manifest Its mystery to Itself. For the vision that a being has of itself is not the same as that which reality procures for him, and which he uses for himself as a mirror: in this it manifests itself to itself in the form which results from the ‘place’ of the vision; this would not exist without the ‘plane of reflection’ and the ray which is reflected therein.” – Muhyi-d-din Ibn ‘Arabi The Wisdom Of The Prophets Chapter One, p. 8

The two-edged sword that is our ego gives us, on the one hand, the possibility of achieving this, i.e. we return home in full wide-awake consciousness, free as a strong “I”, or else the ego becomes hardened; instead of brotherliness in community we find separateness in the illusory oneness of the quantum internet, ultimately losing our “I” as we become ever more unfree, enmeshed within its hive mind operating within the Eighth Sphere:

“Love in a romantic way will cease to exist, We will only be willing to communicate with the nearly all-knowing ‘Ai’ that we are connected to–which, in fact, is one with us. However, this ‘Ai’ will be connected to everyone else too, so we will always be interconnected in a sort of hive mind” Zultan Istvan- When asked how will we find love in 50 years.


“This is the mission of the Earth, expressed through love: that one ego learns to encounter another in freedom. No love is perfect that proceeds from coercion, from being linked or bound together through necessity. Only when each ego is so free and independent that it can choose not to love, is its love an entirely free gift. This is really the divine plan-to make the ego so independent that it can offer the free, individual gift of love even to God (All That Is).” Rudolf Steiner- The Future of Human Evolution

Where might this word “I”, that seems to be so important come from?

“Just as we have an individual consciousness of the world, so do we have an individual consciousness of the “I”. But just as our individual consciousness of the world is not the world, so our individual consciousness of the “I” is not the “I”. The “I” itself is something incomparably greater than our individual con-sciousness of it.

French-speaking persons use the word “Je” for “I”. “Je” is a shortened form of “Jesus”. In German the corresponding word is “Ich”, formerly written “Jch”, which is an abbreviation of “Jesus Christus”. In Old English, too, we find “ich”, “ic” or “ik” .* It is the name of God the Son. Thus every modern French, German and English speaking person (and speakers of some other languages) actually calls himself, in his deepest inner essence, Jesus Christ. This was first introduced into the Gothic language by the initiate Ulfilas in the fourth century, and corresponds to a spiritual reality. As a pronoun the word “I” exists only in the nominative case. The oblique cases: accusative, genitive and dative are from another stem “me-” common to the whole Aryan family of tongues. These do not designate the “I” but the ordinary self. Thus we speak the name “I”, Jesus Christ, only from the depths of our being, albeit still in a provisional way….

*    It is noteworthy that whereas, in English, words of one syllable ending in “..ist” are always pronounced with a short “i” — as in fist, gist, grist, list, mist, schist, whist, wrist and so on — we pronounce the name “Christ” with the long “I” of our personal pronoun. This is not mere coincidence.”

The “I” itself lives in universal thinking. We do not yet experience the “I” directly, but only our personal consciousness of it. If we were to experience the universal “I” in its own nature, what would that nature be? It is the Logos; it is Christ. The next stage of our evolution towards the spirit is, therefore, to begin experiencing in our own individual soul not merely our personal consciousness of the “I”, but the universal “I” itself — this is the meaning of the words “not I but Christ in me”. The soul will retain its individuality, but it will rise to the full experience of the “I”. In order to do this, however, it needs to overcome the contractive, self-centring force of antipathy which is still so strong in us. It needs to rise above the self.

From all that we have contemplated so far in this book, it will have become clear that only those human beings who do attain complete selflessness and the direct experience of the “I” will pass over into the sixth root race and take part in the further evolution of humanity. All the others will fall short, and will pursue a different existence under the dominion of the Sorat. The forces needed by human beings today for their development towards complete selflessness were brought to humanity by Christ Himself as part of the new Christ-Mystery. Even though humanity passed that Mystery by, failing to rise to it in 1933, these forces are present in the earthly realm and are accessible to the human soul.

Now is the time, for those human beings who wish to take the universal “I” into themselves, to begin the long process of inner development which will enable them to acquire selflessness to the requisite degree. As we move onward into a future of our civ-ilization that will be increasingly dominated by electricity and the evil beings of the Eighth Sphere, it will become more and more difficult to set out on that path, and to make up for lost time. A separation of humanity into two distinct kinds of being began at the end of Kali Yuga and will proceed with increasing rapidity; it will already have gone so far in the coming sixth epoch of our present root race that the two kinds of being will be physically different.” – Paul Emberson–Super-Sensible researcher- From Gondhishapur To Silicone Valley Volume 2

As we face the counter force to the “I” it mighgt be good  to remember that the world still celebrates at Christmas, consciously or not, the coming of the universal “I” into human evolution.

“Thereby, too, is established the acceptance of “spiritual science,” which sees in this year the moment when the powers entered human evolution through which—in order to under-stand itself and think itself into the world—the human “I” was enabled to understand itself in itself and without symbolism through the power of its own thinking life. Before this moment in order to understand themselves and think themselves into the world human beings needed representations and ideas that were taken from the outer world.. The preparation for this moment lies both in ancient Hebrew culture, which first brought to cognition the imageless “God within,” and in ancient Greek spiritual life, whose artists and sages also prepared for this moment. They did so insofar as they under-stood themselves as earthly beings through conceptual thinking, and in their philosophy understood cosmic becoming not through outer images but characterized through concepts that arose only from human “inwardness” as thinking consciousness (Thales to Aristotle). Christian faith expressed the sense of this human fact when it spoke of “the death and resurrection of Christ,” or “The Mystery of Golgotha!’ ” – Rudolf Steiner  Calendar of the Soul  P.19

Electrically Catalysed Disease and the Great Poisoning

“The bad ones never existed in our history until classified medical research and science messed around with the bugs, before 1920 (around that time) and released the bugs, like the Spanish flu.” – Anthony Williams

In the timely and impeccably researched book ‘The Invisible Rainbow – A History of Life and Electricity, Arthur Firstenberg shows that each time the electrical field of the earth has undergone a large man made shift in intensity a global pandemic has ensued:

-In 1889 most historians agree, the modern electrical era truly began. A worldwide influenza pandemic followed.
-In 1904 the bees began to die on the Isle of White which at the time had the greatest concentration of radio signals in the world due to Marconi’s experiments. “Isle of White disease” spread like a plague throughout Great Britain and into the rest of the world, killing an untold number of bees, as the electrification of the air increased.
-In 1917 the United States equipped its Army, Navy and Air Force with the latest wireless communications technology. The entry of the United States into the great war on April 6th, 1917 stimulated an expansion of radio broadcasting that was as sudden and rapid as the 1889 expansion of electricity. The pandemic known as Spanish influenza followed.
-1957, in the years leading up to this date radar was deployed on a spectacular scale. Many installations coming on line in 1957 and 1958. The “Asian” influenza pandemic began about the end of February 1957 and lasted for more than a year. The bulk of the mortality occurred in the fall and winter of 1957-1958.
-In 1968 the US launched the word’s first constellation of military satellites, more than tripling the number in space. They were placed in the part of the earth’s magnetosphere known at the Van Allen belt. The “Hong Kong” flu pandemic followed.
-In 2019/2020 5G is being rolled out on a global scale. The current events have a strange similarity to the events that took place during the first mild wave of flu in the winter, spring and summer of 1918 proceeding the greatest pandemic the world has ever seen.

A summary of the Invisible Rainbow can be found by following this link.

If we take the view that consciousness comes first and that everything we see in the physical world is a result of events in the non-physical, then we can ask the question as to what consciousness lies behind the development of the 5G mirror world.

IF the planned 5G infrastructure goes ahead, the increase in electromagnetic radiation will be unlike anything we have seen and will dwarf every other change that has taken place within the Earth’s magnetic field since the discovery of electricity. There will be more visible 5G/6G satellites than stars, 40,000 or more connected to millions of ground-based small cells. Hundreds of millions of drones, and, at first, billions and then trillions of land-based transmitters and receivers. 5G should really be called 200G as it opens up the whole of the remaining electromagnetic spectrum for commercial use. Think of the 5G and beyond spectrum as being for machine-to-machine communication, our brain becoming part-machine in the near future.

“Ultimately, the team selected four vignettes as being technically feasible by 2050 or earlier.
• Ocular enhancements to imaging, sight, and situational awareness;

• Restoration and programmed muscular control through an optogenetic bodysuit sensor web;

• Auditory enhancement for communication and protection; and

• Direct neural enhancement of the human brain for two-way data transfer.

This technology is predicted to facilitate read/write capability between humans and machines and between humans through brain-to-brain interactions.”– Cyborg Soldier 2050: Human/Machine Fusion and the Implications for the Future of the DOD

The body of scientific research showing the harmful biological effects of electromagnetic radiation numbers thousands of papers, going back 60 year or more. Most papers counter to the consensus of harm were paid for by parties with a conflict of interest, telecommunications companies and governments etc. There are few other areas of science where there is such a consensus (from unbiased research). If absolute proof is required for the complete corruption of governments and the mainstream media, one only has to survey the vast amount of scientific data available on this subject. The repression of truth about the biologically damaging effects of EMF radiation is arguably amongst the greatest crimes ever committed when bearing in mind the known consequences of a 5G connected world.

Professor Emeritus Martin Pall is one of the world’s leading experts on non-ionising microwave radiation. In his latest paper, ‘Massive Predicted Effects of 5G in the Context of Safety Guideline Failures’ predicts that the following may result:

“1. A rapid and irreversible crash in human reproduction to close to zero, based mainly but not solely on the impacts on male reproduction.

2. A rapid (albeit somewhat slower than in 1) crash in our collective brain function produced by massive impacts on human brain structure and function.

3. Very early onset Alzheimer’s dementia also caused by the human brain impact seen in 2.

4. Autism and ADHD caused primarily by perinatal 4G/5G exposures.

5. Massive deterioration in the human gene pool, caused by the DNA effects in human sperm and possibly also on human eggs.

6. Widespread sudden cardiac death in all age ranges caused by the EMF impacts on the pacemaker cells in the sino-atrial node of the heart.”

Follow this link to see a presentation in which he covers much of this research.

Captain Jerry G Flynn, an electronic warfare expert for the Royal Canadian Navy has written a book, “5G Hidden Dangers”, with countless references to scientific papers. In its conclusion he writes how non-thermal effects on the human organism from both power lines and pulsed electromagnetic radiation is :

“…known to cause (albeit not exclusively) most of today’s disease epidemics and premature deaths. But, as happened with Big Tobacco, asbestos, Thalidomide, etc., today’s EMF scientists , regulatory agencies, government health authorities, cancer agencies, etc., who have historically defended and championed the “thermal-effects- ONLY” mantra have no choice now but to continue doing so, for fear of the class action lawsuits that are looming ever-larger on the horizon and to avoid the expensive re-engineering costs needed to make these technologies safe.” – Captain Jerry G. Flynn 5G Hidden Dangers

Rudolf Steiner at many times warned of the damaging effects that electricity has on life. Something which has been confirmed by countless studies, many of them referenced within the Invisible Rainbow. The level of radiation found in 1923 was an order of magnitude less than what we are exposed to today and yet even at those comparatively low levels he said the following:

“Today you can travel far and wide, but you can never get so far away that these electric cables do not follow you. They are continuously inducing currents in you […] All this robs human beings of their physical body, it brings the physical body into a condition in which the soul simply cannot enter into it. We must be quite clear about this: in the days when there were no electric currents, when there were no electric wires buzzing in the air, it was easier to be human.” Rudolf Steiner 1923- “Die menschliche Seele in ihrem Zusammenhang mit gottlich-geistigen Individualitaten” (GA 167 Page 100)

Starlink Satelites, 5G and the War On The ‘I’, Oxygen (related to Astral) and Water (related to Etheric)

“The blood, assisted by oxygen taken from the outer world, builds up the individual body according to the inner pictures. This is experienced as perception of the ‘I’.

The “I” turns its vision inwards into a person’s being, and its will outwards to the world. This twofold direction manifests itself in the blood, which directs its forces inwards, building up a person’s being, and outwards towards the oxygen.

Thus, the blood exists midway between an inner picture-world and an outer world of concrete forms.

Today, during waking life we perceive external objects through the senses, and transform them into mental pictures that act on our blood.” – Rudolf Steiner
Supersensible Knowledge, Lecture 2, Blood is a very Special Fluid

When blood is exposed to high levels of EMF (3/4/5G, Wi-Fi etc) radiation for even a short period of time its affect can be clearly seen under a microscope.

“The Russians studied the effects of millimeter [‘5G’] waves on animals and humans in 1979. Workers servicing ultra-high-frequency generators complained of fatigue, drowsiness, headaches, and loss of memory. The blood was particularly affected, with a reduction in the amount of hemoglobin and a tendency toward hyper-coagulation.” – Dr Tom Cowan The Contagion Myth
Healthy Blood
Blood With And Without Wi-Fi
Blood Without Wireless Avoidance
Blood With High Levels Of Exposure At A School

Images from: 5G: Health Risks, Surveillance and BioWeaponry – Lena Pu (Sept 2019)

“Great and mighty forces will ensue from discoveries that will turn the entire globe of the Earth into a kind of self-functioning electrical apparatus.” Rudolf Steiner – ‘The Temple Legend”, lecture 20 (GA93 Page 286)

The most dangerous 5G frequencies, as was the case with previous generations of wireless technology will be unregulated, meaning anyone can use them, making them the most used.

“Some effects of COVID-19 are similar to the effects of radio waves. The list of effects in common has grown, and includes headaches, dizziness, nausea, digestive problems, muscle pain, tachycardia, hypotension, cardiac arrhythmias, strokes, and seizures. As many as two-thirds of people who test positive for COVID-19 have lost their sense of smell, often without any other symptoms. Patients are presenting with mental confusion, without any respiratory symptoms at all. Patients are presenting with diarrhea, vomiting, and abdominal pain. When patients with any of these symptoms test positive for the coronavirus, their illnesses are being attributed to that virus. But these are all classic symptoms of radio wave sickness.” Arthur Firstenberg- Scientist and author.


“The spirit of the human being lives in the air. When he inhales, he breathes his spirit in; when he exhales, he breathes it out. The spirit of the human being is continually evolving. It is, at one moment, within him, the next moment outside him in the world.” –Rudolf Steiner  Building up the Spiritual Body through Meditation Berlin, 2 October

60GHz is one 5G frequency that will shortly be used on a mass scale. At this frequency 98% of transmitted energy is absorbed by oxygen molecules. The roll out of 5G continues apace, many schools have had their infrastructure ‘upgraded’ during lockdown.

“We are very much interested in the automated tracking of students.” – Michael Sawyers, Superintendent, New Albany-Plain Schools

In 2015 there was a mystery illness at Arlington Nichols Junior High School, what was it caused by? The reported symptoms were those associated with radio wave sickness but with a predominance of breathing issues.

As 60GHz transmitters begin to go online what will be the effect on people’s respiratory systems and general health? COVID-19 is described as a respiratory disease, so if people suffer respiratory problems caused by 60GHz it will be blamed on COVID or new viral strains. Mass vaccination could increase peoples toxicity as they include conductive aluminium adjuvants, etc., thus making them more susceptible to disease and 5G radiation. Could a vicious and deadly cycle be created where increasing illness leads to increased vaccinations schedules, leading to increased death rates and tighter control and so on?

If we compare symptoms of microwave sickness and covid19 symptoms something will become apparent.
• Fever or chills
• Cough
• Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
• Fatigue
• Muscle or body aches
• Headache
• New loss of taste or smell
• Sore throat
• Congestion or runny nose
• Nausea or vomiting
• Diarrhea
• Pain in the chest
• Dizziness
• Digestive problems
• Muscle pain
• Tachycardia
• Hypertension
• Cardiac Arrhythmias
• Strokes
• Seizures
• Fever or chills
• Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
• Fatigue
• Headache
• New loss of taste or smell
• Sore throat
• Nausea or vomiting
• Insomnia
• Pain in the chest
• Dizziness
• Digestive problems
• Muscle pain
• Tachycardia
• Hypertension
• Cardiac Arrhythmias
• Strokes
• Seizures

To be clear: Covid 19 has very similar symptoms to radio wave sickness, or radio wave sickness symptoms have been included with COVID19 symptoms. Over the past years increasingly large numbers of people have been suffering symptoms of radio wave sickness as the general background level of radiation is so high. Up until now doctors generally did not diagnose it as such, now however there is a new label, COVID 19/20/21, mutant strains etc.

Water – 2.4 GHz

Wi-fi uses 2.4GHz. The maximum dielectric loss of water molecules begins at 2.45 GHz. What this means is that the greatest excitation of the water molecule can be achieved with the least amount of power. Microwave ovens use 2.4GHz, this frequency resonates the water molecules in the food most effectively, thus generating heat. A large percentage of our body is water.

Might the damaging effects of electromagnetic radiation upon nature be blamed upon ‘climate change’ and the effects on human health blamed upon new, invisible and ever- changing enemies, viruses?

The Second and Subsequent Waves

The first COVID-19 event that became globally known around Easter 2020 was called pandemic one, and then in September 2020 there were claims from high places of the start of a second wave.

The Global Preparedness Monitoring Board (GPMB) co-convened by the World Health Organization and the World Bank wrote in early 2019:

“Progress indicator(s) by September 2020”

“The United Nations (including WHO) conducts at least two system-wide training and simulation exercises, including one for covering the deliberate release of a lethal respiratory pathogen.” GPMD

In another Document the World Bank discusses the 25 proposed projects under phase one of the Covid 19 program:


An aspect of the second or subsequent waves could be food shortages. The Food Chain Reaction Games took place in 2015. On the website at that time it stated:

“Its five years from today in a world where population growth, rapid urbanisation, extreme weather and political crises combine to threaten global food security.”

Interestingly the Food Chain Reaction website has recently been taken down, it was last captured by the Web Archieve on the 19th Of June 2020.

“…the crisis continued unabated, and volatility in food prices became the new normal. Finally, governments, business, and multilateral institutions came together to increase food stockpiles and enact a universal carbon tax to lessen the possibility of a future shock to the global food system.”– Food Chain Reaction: 2015. A Global Security Game, hosted by WWF, Cargill, the Center for American Progress, Mars, Inc., and game designer CNA (formerly known as the Center for Naval Analyses) and funded by George Soros.

Bertrand Russell made it clear that food was an integral piece of the planned control system many years ago.

Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible. Even if all are miserable, all will believe themselves happy, because the government will tell them that they are so. – Bertand Russell

Poster for the Europian Council

“One of the things that I think is so essential to free and open society is freedom of thought. Up until now the conversation we have been having is around freedom of speech, once we can access peoples thoughts and access peoples emotions we have to create a space that enables people to think freely, to think divergent thoughts to think creative thoughts.” The World Economic Forum–What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution presentation.

Here they are referring to accessing peoples thoughts and feelings through computer-brain interfaces. We no longer have freedom of speech; the current level of censorship is extraordinary. Mainstream publications and the President of the ‘free world’ are censored. So-called freedom of speech enforced by the press and Silicon Valley mega-corporations means the censorship of anything that does not fit into certain people’s belief systems or current agenda. What exactly is meant by “create a space”? A safe space where only politically correct thought is allowed, or an electrically induced quiet mind? Will there be consequences for thinking certain thoughts? Will it be even possible to think them?

“We might say that the present time is doing very well compared with that which will come in the future when the Western development blossoms more and more. Very shortly, when one will have written the year 2000, there will come from America not a direct prohibition, but a kind of prohibition against all thinking, a sort of law which will have the aim of suppressing all individual thinking. On the other hand there is the beginning achieved in this direction of suppressing all individual thinking into pure materialistic thinking where one does not need to work upon the soul on the basis of external experiments, in which the human being is handled as if he were a machine.” Rudolf Steiner Things in Past and Present in the Spirit of Man Lecture IV


“The sign of black magic is a pentagram with one point at the bottom, through which magicians attract bad forces from the earth and send them out of the two top horns into the environment by means of their bad will in order to use soul and nature forces for their own egotistical, evil purposes.” Rudolf Steiner-From the Content of Esoteric Classis

The number 23 represents an inverted pentagram, the two points at the top and the three points at the bottom. An upside-down human being, as alluded to in this famous quote by the self-styled black magician:

“Love is the law, love under will” Aleister Crowley 93 (Thelema)

On 23/03/1976 United Nations Article 29 was expanded upon by ICCPR

ICCPR Article 4.1. “In time of public emergency which threatens the life of the na tion (sic) and the existence of which is officially proclaimed, the States Parties to the present Covenant may take measures derogating from their obligations under the present Covenant to the extent strictly required by the exigencies of the situation, provided that such measures are not inconsistent with their other obligations under international law and do not involve discrimination solely on the ground of race, col our, sex, language, religion or social origin.” – United Nations Universal Declaration of ‘Human Rights’ Updated 1976

On the 23/03/1933 Adolf Hitler pushed the Enabling Act through the Reichstag, bringing about a legal dictatorship.

On the 23/01/2020 the Chinese government imposed lockdown in China.

On the 23/03/2020 Boris Johnson at 20:30 announced the lockdown of the UK. 23 members of the secretive Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage), also met on this day, helping to shape governmental policy.

On the 23/03/2020 Senate Bill 3571 was passed: To require member banks to maintain pass-through digital dollar wallets for certain persons, and for other purposes.

On the 23/03/2020 Senate Bill S.893– Secure 5G and beyond Act was passed.

33 is also a most significant number for the secret brotherhoods of the left hand path.

Black magic could be described as an inversion of the good. The swastika was originally a most positive symbol meaning ‘good existence’, or the deeper meaning being ‘permanent victory’; it has been used as such by many cultures for thousands of years. The symbol for Extinction Rebellion is an inverted Dagaz Rune. In its correct orientation it symbolises illumination and awakening, a zenith, the highest point of a circle and the beginning of a new cycle, one who leaves the old behind and attains a new consciousness through rebirth.

“CORONA is the cure/Humans are the DISEASE.”- Extinction Rebellion

This comes from more extreme members of the movement, however it is absolutely in line with The Club of Rome’s agenda which Extinction Rebellion represents.

“The Earth has a cancer. The cancer is man.” Club of Rome

The Club Of Rome

he Club of Rome is one of the world’s premier NGO think-tanks and famous for its ‘Limits to Growth’ report in 1972. Prominent members have included David Rockefeller, Bill Gates, Tony Blair, George Soros, Henry Kissinger, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Javier Solana, Kofi Annan, Hassan bin Talal, Javier Perez de Cuellar, Gro Harlem Bruntland, Robert Muller, Garret Hardin, King Juan Carlos of Spain and his wife Queen Sophia, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, Prince Philippe of Belgium and many more people that include wealthy elites.

In 1973 they financed a computer program called World One, it was developed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT). It predicted the collapse of civilisation by 2040. The major turning point indicated by the algorithm was 2020! It predicted that by 2020 pollution would become so serious that it would start to kill people, leading to a massive decrease in population.

Instead of man being the flower of the universe he has been made to believe that he is a virus upon the earth and that every move he makes and every breath he takes is contributing to the destruction of it. What if humanity’s fate was not tied to the earth, man himself having the potential to transform it into a new sphere of existence?

“I have said often enough: a heavenly body does not come into being through the accretion of matter, but through the fact that spiritual Being creates a new centre, a new scene of action. The formation of a heavenly body starts from the spirit. Every physical heavenly body was initially spirit. What our Earth will one day become takes its start from the auric astral light. Which began to shine forth from the Earth. This is the initial disposition towards the future Earth-Sun” Rudolf Steiner- “Esoteric Christianity” Rudolf Steiner Press, 2000. (GA 130, Page 82)

“At some time in the future a person will be able to transform within his own being carbonic acid into oxygen” Rudolf Steiner- Who are the Rosicrucians? Lecture 6

Big oil and corporate interests are behind much of the environmental movement and have been shown to fund Extinction rebellion and Greta Thunberg.

“In searching for a common enemy against whom we can unite, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like, would fit the bill.” The First Global Revolution 1991- A Report by the Council of the Club of Rome, p.75

“It would seem that men and women need a common motivation, namely a common adversary against whom they can organize themselves and act together.” The First Global Revolution 1991- A Report by the Council of the Club of Rome, p.70

In January 2020 the Club of Rome set out ‘The Case for Planetary Emergency plan.’

“This is a planetary Emergency. The definition of an emergency is a dangerous event requiring immediate action to reduce the risk of potentially catastrophic results.”
It then states: 2020 is a ‘Super Year’ for international policy action.” The plan goes on:

“2020 will mark the beginning of the decade to scale action to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. This decade must be a turning point, the moment when the world bends the curve, averts the impending disaster and opts instead to embark on the fastest economic transformation in our history.”

On march 24th 2020 it called for ‘A green Reboot after the Pandemic’, stating that “there’s no better time than now to usher in systemic economic change.”

“There is a single species that is responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic – us.” IPBES

We have been made the enemy of ourselves and each other. Instead of EMF radiation, geoengineering, aluminium and other heavy metals, GMOs, factory farming, nuclear fallout, modern agriculture and glyphosate being the cause of environmental (and human health) collapse, carbon dioxide, a tradable and taxable commodity is singled out as the primary cause. Everything we do as human beings creates carbon dioxide, so a carbon tax is essentially a tax on life. Carbon is no more the enemy than oxygen is, balance has been lost, how do we bring ourselves back into balance with nature? By spending ever more time away from nature on the internet, monitoring every tree, every species and every action within our natural environment using harmful electromagnetic radiation?

“Imagine if we had a planetary computer that could tell us exactly what we needed to do to protect planet earth. A system that was capable of providing us information about every tree, every species, all of our natural resources. How could we use all of that data to build a better world?” – Lucas Joppa Chief Environmental Officer, Microsoft

In the late 1970s early 1980s Bill Drayton who was a McKinsey consultant furthered the idea of emissions trading. During the Jimmy Carter administration he was Assistant Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Does the excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere affect our environment? Of course, everything human beings do, think and feel affects our world; but to ascertain its true role in our present situation is impossible without first dealing with the continual purposeful manipulation of the world’s weather system and the extraordinarily damaging substances and technology needed for weather warfare and the terraforming of the earth.

“There can be no legitimate discussion about the weather or the state of the climate without first and foremost including and acknowledging the ongoing global catastrophic climate engineering assault.” Dane Wigington – GeoengineeringWatch.org

Farmers often vent carbon dioxide into greenhouses to increase plant growth. A warming planet should increase levels of rainfall and increased CO2 levels increase plant growth, the weather system to a certain extent is a self-correcting system. As Dane Wigington explains, this is not happening because of weather modification.

The Catastrophic Consequences Of Climate Engineering

Chemtrails– The Sky Is Falling Medical Medium

The backbone of the planned technocratic, unfree, green ‘Utopia’ that is going to ‘save the world’ is the 5G infrastructure and the electrification of the Earth and atmosphere.

The catastrophic environmental and health consequences from the increasing use of the internet and associated wireless and quantum based technologies leading to the complete electrification of the Earth, which is required for the fourth industrial revolution, the ‘green economy’ and digital currencies, will over the coming years and centuries, if we do not wake up, be truly pandemic in proportion.

“Within the tech-no-logic system, total compliance will be demanded. Approved behavior becomes currency, tokenized on blockchain and monitored by sensors and AI. They are training us for a future where we compete with one another to see who is the best behaved, the most docile. Surviving will mean conforming to the strident terms of psychopathic financial agreements. To obtain the data needed to verify claims embedded in twisted “pay for success” deals, our mother, the earth, must be remade as a geo-fenced digital prison using 5G and satellite constellations. All of your data will be added to your “permanent record” to evaluate your value as human capital for investor portfolios. The billionaires envision a future where freedom is a privilege limited to themselves, their functionaries, and the robots they control. Be assured AI is already keeping tabs, and social credit scoring is well underway.” – Alison McDowell Timpsila, Medicine for Tech-No-Logic

The evidence shows that the genuine environmental movement that started in the 1960s has been subverted by NGOs, industrialists, oligarchs and state actors for the specific agenda of establishing the framework for the fourth industrial revolution, the need for the sustainable development goals and the reason for implementation. The public has been given Extinction rebellion as controlled opposition, the good will of the people, Greta Thunberg and the young people she represents are being used to help socially engineer society to not only accept but demand the predetermined solutions.

“even if we do have a vaccine, it won’t end the pandemic on its own. We must all learn to control and manage this virus using the tools we have now, and to make the adjustments to our daily lives that are needed to keep ourselves and each other safe. […] At the same time, we will not, we cannot go back to the way things were. […] In particular, the Covid-19 pandemic has given new impetus to the need to accelerate efforts to respond to climate change […] The Covid-19 pandemic has given us a glimpse of our world as it could be: cleaner skies and rivers.” World Health Organisation

The sustainable development goals, the Paris agreement [changes nothing] and the green new deal, the new deal for nature (Payments for Ecosystem or Environmental Services (PES) etc, is the wrong kind of green and will do little to help the environment, it allows the continuation, through a different mould the very system that is plundering the planet. It is based upon not only the financialisaton of nature but also of human beings – people become a resource to be commoditised. Nature will have a price on it, a value, as will human beings, both are planned to be traded and used to generate profits and continued growth.

“It is the sustainability goals that will open the door to smart city infrastructure with facial recognition, cashless economies, big data analytics, and artificial intelligence used to implement broad threat assessments; the threat of natural disasters as well as threats posed by individual dissidents and groups. With advances in militarized predictive policing those contesting the status quo, or seeking to intervene on behalf of the people into the operations of global markets, can now be met with swift and possibly deadly countermeasures.

What started out as a cost offset scheme for carbon trading has grown into a globalized cybernetic system through which artificial intelligence operating at the behest of debt finance could eventually farm millions of people as domestic livestock data commodities.” Alison McDowell – Wrench in the Gears

Within the new framework that is all but complete, it would be quite possible to transition to the proposed ‘green economy’ without mitigating the urgent and genuine environmental problems that we face. Extinction Rebellion does not focus on the dismantling of the military industrial complex, geoengineering, EMF radiation, built-in obsolesce, the destruction of the soil from chemical agriculture, or talk about the massive ecological damage required for ‘green’ technology [electric cars, wind turbines, solar, etc.] The so-called green economy will continue the plundering of nature and further exploit the people that it nurtures.

The sad truth is that we are yet to invent truly green technology. Jeff Gibbs documentary, Planet Of The Humans, gives a basic understanding of why this is so.

There is of course a solution to our energy problems but it is one that requires an understanding that physical reality is but a small part of a greater reality, an illusion that is woven from non-physical dimensions of being. John Worrell Keely over 100 years ago found a way of bringing his machines into resonance with the realm that lies behind all life on our planet. In spiritual science this dimension is referred to as the Etheric world. When enough people learn to perceive this next layer of reality then some can choose to become scientists and begin to invent machines powered from the very source of life. If one has had the pleasure of visiting a well-run biodynamic farm it is hard not to be stuck by the effectiveness and beauty of the application of technology that works consciously with the higher worlds. Contrast the inverted solutions presented by the World Economic Forum/Sustainable Development with those presented by the ‘Need to Grow’ documentary and known solutions such as organic and biodynamic agriculture it will become apparent that the power structure is not interested in real solutions.

The impending doom that Extinction Rebellion continually focuses on will not be averted by Sustainable Development/The Fourth Industrial Revolution. The very solutions offered to the public will, if we do not wake up, accelerate the destruction of our health and the earth, the latter being needed by us at this point in our evolution to develop the non-physical aspects of ourselves which will continue after our earth has gone. The planned population reduction and post-consumer society would change the dynamics of the system; however, it would not address the core issue.

“Man has become the master-craftsman of the lifeless mineral realm. What man does will also determine whether the physical Earth remains bound to the old evolution or whether, and to what extent, it is drawn into the Eighth Sphere, or whether it is led into the new evolution. In the long run the old evolution can only lead to disintegration and death” Paul Emberson–Super-Sensible researcher- From Gondhishapur To Silicone Valley Volume 2

Are we prepared to surrender our freedom because Governments and global corporate interests say so, in order to feel safe from their lies and deception which play on our own fear of death and the unknown? In an A’i’ controlled digital technocratic world, we will be forced to ‘do the right thing’ for the environment, for community, for each other. But love cannot be coerced, it is the ultimate act that makes us human, the act for which we must be free to choose to love or not out of our own free will.

“Spirits of darkness are going to inspire their human hosts to find a vaccine that will drive all inclination towards spirituality out of people’s souls.” – Rudolf Steiner

“In tracing human development, we have followed a path that leads from the outer world to humanity’s inner world and back to the outer world. We have seen that the origin of blood coincides with our ability to face the world as an independent being, a being able to form his or her own pictures of the external world from its reflection within the self. Unless this stage is reached, a being cannot say “I” to itself. Blood is the principle whereby ‘I-hood’ is attained. An ‘I’ can express itself only in a being who is able independently to formulate the pictures the outer world produces within the self. A being who has attained ‘I-hood’ must be able to take in the outer world and recreate it within the self.

If we possessed only a brain without a spinal cord, we would still reproduce within ourselves pictures of the outer world and be aware of them, but only as a mirror image. It is quite different when we are able to build up anew what is repeated within ourselves; for then what we thus build up is no longer merely pictures of the outer world; it is the “I.” A being who possesses brain and spinal cord will not only mirror the outer world, as does a being with only the sympathetic nervous system, but will also experience the mirrored picture as inner life. A being who in addition possesses blood will experience inner life within the self. The blood, assisted by oxygen taken from the outer world, builds up the individual body according to the inner pictures. This is experienced as perception of the ‘I’.” – Rudolf Steiner Supersensible Knowledge, Lecture 2, Blood is a very Special Fluid

What happens when the mirror becomes a virtual one, woven from a new fabric, not from the life forces but from electricity and magnetism?
Do human beings learn to perceive the non-physical world or do we connect ourselves ever more to machines that give us a caricature of real initiation through simulated experience?
1 : being such in essence or effect though not formally recognized or admitted
// a virtual dictator

2 : being on or simulated on a computer or computer network
// print or virtual books a
// virtual keyboard
: such as
a : occurring or existing primarily online virtual shopping
b : of, relating to, or existing within a virtual reality a virtual tour

“In fact, the computer is misnamed; it would be better called a ‘simulator’. The word ‘computing’ implies mathematics, and for the general public mathematics still has a nimbus of scientific certainty – of facts that can be proved. That nimbus baths the computer in its afterglow, lending it an authority not proper to it. The computer is not a calculator. The truth of the matter is that the technology used in computers (digital electronics) did not evolve from arithmetic machines at all, and Babbage’s engines played no part in its development.” Paul Emberson- From Gondhishapur To Silicone Valley book one

The term ‘singularity’ is a popular term in the transhumanist movement. Few people are aware that it was an idea that came out of the Macy meetings held from 1941-1960. The development of computers from this time to the present day have been synonymous with the study of the human brain, neural networks and consciousness.

“Someday soon, every place and thing in the real world—every street, lamppost, building, and room—will have its full-size digital twin in the mirrorworld… We will interact with it, manipulate it, and experience it like we do the real world.” Wired Magazine– Mirrorworld

To supersensible perception, 5G appears as something quite different from 1, 2, 3 and 4G. It is experienced as a kind of mirror. From a technological perspective it cannot be separated from the coming mirror world, the augmented reality that is now accessed using our mobile phones and, in the very near future, computer-brain interfaces. Those who develop proper supersensible perception, can if they wish ‘see’, superimposed upon the physical world, the beings and hierarchies that form it, not so unlike augmented reality. (To be clear, supersensible perception does not employ physical sense organs, and someone is able to ‘see’ with or without open eyes.) The magic beings found in augmented-reality games, such as Harry Potter – Wizards Unite, are not real, but are in a way caricatures of what can be perceived through a proper initiation; in other words some of them are pseudo-elemental beings portrayed in a physical form and with none of the real qualities of true elemental beings. Another ability that an Initiate may have is the ability to communicate with those who have died. Technological resurrection and immortality are both objectives of transhumanism. In the 1990s British Telecom discussed Soul Catcher, a potential project that could one day lead to technological reincarnation. The planned 5G/6G/7G networks will, if we allow them to, cover the Earth, be something we cannot see with our senses yet will have the ability to connect us to a new world. At first this new world will mainly be a reflection of the physical world but, over time, will it become a kind of distorted reflection of the spiritual world, or, more precisely, the subsensible astral world?

The mirror world that will soon be created will not be a mirror of divine creation, a mirror of our own thoughts, feelings and actions made physical so we can perceive them. Instead it will be an artificial and infinitely inferior version of divine creation, within it we will only be given the illusion of creating our own reality. Countless worlds and beings may appear to be formed by us, based upon our wishes and desires, but instead of learning to play an increasing role in the formation of reality, the creative force behind virtual reality will in truth be adversarial beings whose intention is to draw us into the Eighth Sphere. They are implacably opposed to humanity ever learning to perceive the non-physical worlds and becoming co-creators with all that is, a long and arduous process that requires great inner effort and the courage to face one’s own darkness, fear, doubt and hatred. Instead we will be offered a shadow of what our intended destiny has to offer but without having to do anything apart from buy the latest computer brain interface! If we do not grasp our creative essence, what will happen to it?

“…the thoughts that human beings create for themselves serve the purpose of transforming human souls into these thoughts…..human beings in the future are destined to become what they consider themselves to be.” Rudolf Steiner- The Electronic Doppelganger GA 178 -1917

Here we find the solution to the challenges we face. The energetic shift happens when we remember that we are at the top of the pyramid, not the bottom, that the creative force that directs the formation of our reality is the centre of who we are, the ‘I Am.’ Do those who seek to control humanity possess that reality forming capacity, or do they have to manipulate us and use our essence to create their desired outcome. A system within which our essence is harvested?

Could our lives be a manifestation of our souls, made real so that we can see ourselves reflected in order that we can learn a simple truth: as we change inside, so our reflection will change? The virtual mirror world on the other hand is not a true reflection. Instead we can create an Avatar that presents a picture to the world of who we would like to be without any effort! To put it another way, we have become so caught up in being the perceiver that we have forgotten that we are also the perceived, we are already in a sense the avatar of our higher self, we have to remember that we are already the creator as well as the created. In the virtual world we can indeed be the creator of our own Avatar, but it will not be woven from the creative life forces of the real world that we are destined to become the master of in the future. It will merely be code, created by programmers, a simulation constructed from electricity and magnetism.

A further stage beyond pseudo-non-physical experience could be a real but distorted perception of non-physical higher and lower worlds. Could ‘Binaural Beats’ – meditation apps and similar – point to a future in which it is possible to induce DMT-like ‘spiritual experiences’ by direct stimulation of the brain through the use of computer-brain interfaces? Digital biology may in the near future be able to program our DNA/RNA to create such chemicals. Without mastery of the self however – which involves control of thinking, feeling and actions – any experience of non-physical reality would be illusory or, at best, highly distorted. Instead of a single, shared, true and accurate picture of other realities, each person would have their own unique experience:

“This happens if the element of free will is transformed, for example, into visionary clairvoyance. When this is the case, a man is already in the Eighth Sphere.” Rudolf Steiner- The Occult Movement in the Nineteenth Century -Lecture 5-

If man follows a proper and healthy path of inner development he reaches a point where he:

“…learns to know himself as another being, different from his physical personality, which indeed only comes to expression in physical existence through the working of this being. When the consciousness enters the world of that other being, it is in a region which, as compared with the elemental world, may be called the world of the spirit. As long as we feel ourselves to be in that world, we find ourselves completely outside the sphere in which all the experiences and events of the physical world are enacted. We look from another world back upon the one which we have in a certain sense left behind. But we also arrive at the knowledge that, as human beings, we belong to both worlds. We feel the physical world to be a kind of reflected image of the world of the spirit. Yet this image, although reflecting the events and beings of the spiritual world, does not merely do this, but also leads an independent life of its own, although it is only an image. It is as though a person were to look into a mirror, and as though his reflected image were to come to independent life whilst he was looking at it.” Rudolf Stiener –The Threshold of the Spiritual World Lecture V: Concerning Reincarnation and Karma

In a sense the physical world has always been a kind of mirror world (As Above, So Below). The technological mirror world of 5G and beyond, that will initially be a reflection of the Earth, will then be a reflection of a reflection. Over time the mirror world will become not just a reflection of the Earth but a new sphere of being with many new virtual words. Within these worlds, people’s Avatars and Ai intelligences will in many ways assume an independent life within this reflection of a reflection. Will people’s thoughts, experiences and actions, inspired by this new sub-natural dual existence, imprint themselves in the future back upon, the physical sense world?
“Today people may consider it comparatively harmless to elaborate only those automatic, lifeless thoughts which arise in connection with the mineral world and the mineral nature of plant, animal and man. Materialists revel in such thoughts which are – well ¬– thoughts and nothing more. But try to imagine what will happen if men go on unfolding no other kinds of thoughts until the time is reached in the eighth millennium for the moon-existence to unite again with the earth. These Beings of whom I have spoken will gradually come down to the earth. Vulcan Beings, ‘Supermen’ of Vulcan, ‘Supermen’ of Venus, of Mercury, of the Sun, will unite with this earth-existence. But if human beings persist in nothing but opposition to them, earth-existence will pass over into chaos in the course of the next few thousand years.
It will be quite possible for the men of earth, if they so wish, to develop a more and more automatic form of intellect — but that can also happen amid conditions of barbarism. Full and complete manhood, however, cannot come to expression in such a form of intellect, and men will have no relationship to the Beings who would fain come towards them in earth-existence. And all those Beings of whom men have such an erroneous conception because the shadowy intellect can only grasp the mineral nature, the crudely material nature in the minerals, plants and animals, nay even in the human kingdom itself — all these thoughts which have no reality will in a trice become substantial realities when the moon unites again with the earth. And from the earth there will spring forth a terrible brood of beings, a brood of automata of an order of existence lying between the mineral and the plant kingdoms, and possessed of an overwhelming power of intellect.
This swarm will seize upon the earth, will spread over the earth like a network of ghastly, spider-like creatures, of an order lower than that of plant-existence, but possessed of overpowering wisdom. These spidery creatures will be all interlocked with one another, and in their outward movements they will imitate the thoughts that men have spun out of the shadowy intellect that has not allowed itself to be quickened by the new form of Imaginative Knowledge by Spiritual Science. All the thoughts that lack substance and reality will then be endowed with being.
The earth will be surrounded — as it is now with air and as it sometimes is with swarms of locusts — with a brood of terrible spider-like creatures, half-mineral, half-plant, interweaving with masterly intelligence, it is true, but with intensely evil intent. And in so far as man has not allowed his shadowy intellectual concepts to be quickened to life, his existence will be united not with the Beings who have been trying to descend since the last third of the nineteenth century, but with this ghastly brood of half-mineral, half-plantlike creatures. He will have to live together with these spider-like creatures and to continue his cosmic existence within the order of evolution into which this brood will then enter.

This is a destiny that is very emphatically part of human evolution upon the earth, and it is quite well known today by many of those who try to hold humanity back from the knowledge of Spiritual Science. For there are men who are actually conscious allies of this process of the entanglement of earth-existence.” Rudolf Steiner – A Picture of Earth-Evolution in the Future

Are we seeing an attempt to break down our natural resonance with the higher worlds and usurp it with the eighth sphere?

Many mirror worlds are already being used by intelligence services, within which a copy of you, dear reader, already exists. A White Paper for the Sentient World Simulation (SWS), a project that came out of Purdue University, written in 2005 gives a reference point from which we can start to imagine how such projects look today. In the White Paper they outlined the plan to create:

“a continuously updated mirror of the real world that can extrapolate into the future. SWS reacts to actual events that occur in the real world and incorporates data that is newly sensed in the real world. SWS provides the ability to examine the likely progression of the status-quo as well as explore any “what if” scenarios. SWS consists of a synthetic environment that mirrors the real world in all aspects of national power—Political, Military, Economic, Social, Information, and Infrastructure. Within the synthetic world are models of individuals, organizations, institutions, infrastructure, and geographies that represent the traits and mimic the behaviours of their corresponding real world counterparts. As the models influence each other and the shared synthetic environment, behaviours and trends emerge in the synthetic world as they do in the real world. Analysis can be performed on the trends in the synthetic world to validate alternate worldviews.”– Sentient World Simulation White Paper

“Digital Twin Earth will help visualize, monitor, and forecast natural and human activity on the planet. The model will be able to monitor the health of the planet, perform simulations of Earth’s interconnected system with human behaviour, and support the field of sustainable development, therefore, reinforcing Europe’s efforts for a better environment in order to respond to the urgent challenges and targets addressed by the Green Deal.” – SciTechDaily Digital Twin Earth, Quantum Computing and AI take Center Stage

A further development of SWS type projects that will utilise quantum computing is the ‘Digital Twin Earth’.

Blockchain Karma

Understanding karma is quite easy. Some people think karma is like a religion – you have to believe that there is karma or not. But supersensibly seen, karma is something quite technical, because every feeling that we have, every thought that we have, is a spiritual reality … it’s like a being, it exists there, and you can put it to any place you want. When you think of someone and then the phone rings and it is that person, you may think or say “Oh, I thought of you and suddenly the phone is ringing and it’s you”. [But] this means that there is something that has been transmitted to the other person. When you observe that supersensibly, it is clear to be seen that there is something that belongs to you because you are the origin [of that]. Which means that in life we are leaving something like a chain of pearls, 10,000 of these beings a day, and they are all connected with a specific situation. When we die and incarnate the next time, we begin at the beginning of that chain of pearls which means we are meeting the same content [but] in a different situation; the last lives and this life are spiritually seen as the same – it is just another time and a new situation. So the content, the idea or what has to happen in a specific situation, that is clear – but not what you do with it. Which means every minute you have the possibility to make the black pearl white or to make it worse. So this is how you can understand karma. – Frank Burdich, supersensible researcher (Edited for written English)

Those who allow themselves to be enmeshed ever more within the software programs of the World-Wide Web running on the hardware of the internet will create a continual stream of data that in time will be added to their immutable blockchain life ledger. Eventually every thought, feeling and action will somehow be digitised. This ledger will determine someone’s status, their access privileges, their mistakes, crimes and achievements. Is this not a kind of karma? Karma does not just involve the individual, the energetic interplay of all being is involved here.
“…we should not delude ourselves to the extent of insisting that we are single beings. This applies to the physical world and even more to the spiritual world. Man belongs to the whole world and his destiny is involved with that of the entire world. Karma touches not only the individual, but also the life of whole nations.” – Rudolf Steiner
Theosophy and Rosicrucianism: Lecture VII, The Law of Karma, Kassel, 22nd June 1907, GA 100
Technology is already promising to offer ‘solutions’ for global problems as well, you could say for world karma.
Most would agree that life is a learning process. How is this learning process organised? It appears that a counterfeit, or you could say an alternative, version of every aspect of the higher worlds is being created using binary technology. There is potentially a true and false version of everything. Human beings creative and spiritual energy, both conscious and unconscious, is needed for the creation of the fake spiritual world.

“In its most pessimistic, dehumanized form, the Fourth Industrial Revolution may indeed have the potential to “robotize” humanity and thus to deprive us of our heart and soul. But as a complement to the best parts of human nature– creativity, empathy, stewardship–it can also lift humanity into a new collective and moral consciousness based on a shared sense of destiny. It is incumbent on us all to make sure the latter prevails.” – World Economic Forum The Fourth Industrial Revolution: what it means, how to respond.

The ‘I’, through many avenues, including hinderances against the physical, etheric and astral, appears to be being systematically attacked and weakened.

-External control reducing freedom of being and expression.

-Giving up individual rights for the ‘community’ and the ‘greater good’.

-The sense of self within the body is affected by mask wearing.

-Increased surveillance leading to constant self-checking and modification of behaviour.

-The differentiation between self and other is reduced by mask wearing.

-Damaging effects on the blood through EMF radiation.

-The disruption of Oxygen absorption through both masks wearing and through the use of the 60GHz frequency band.

-The distortion of water within the body (related to the etheric) through the use of 2.4 GHz specifically and EMR (electromagnetic radiation) in general.

-Internal images are increasingly being built up from digitised images as opposed to images of the external world.

-Manipulation of our genetics through vaccination and other gene therapies.

-Potential entanglement of the body to the quantum realm.

Are we seeing an attempt to break down our natural resonance with the higher worlds and replace it with a resonance with the eighth sphere, ultimately using quantum entanglement?

What is able to live in a person’s blood lives in that person’s ‘I.’ Just as the physical principle comes to expression in the physical body, the ether body comes to expression in the system of living fluids, and the astral body in the system of nerves, so does the “I” come to expression in the blood. Physical principle, ether body and astral body are the “above” blood; the “I” forms the center; and physical body, living fluids and nervous system are the ‘below.’ Therefore, whatever power wishes to dominate humans must take possession of their blood.” – Rudolf Steiner Supersensible Knowledge, Lecture 2, Blood is a very Special Fluid

If certain adversarial powers take hold of someone’s ‘I’ through their blood via injection, through technological or other means, what happens to that individual when they die?

“So, what do these initiates want who know very well that the human soul is a purely spiritual being which is entirely independent of the body, and who nevertheless want to cultivate people’s materialistic outlook? These initiates want to ensure that as many souls as possible only take in materialistic thoughts here between birth and death. By this means, such souls are prepared in a way that forces them to remain within the earth’s sphere. They are held within the sphere of the earth. Then consider that brotherhoods are set up who know all about this. These brotherhoods prepare certain human souls in a way that makes them remain in the material realm after death. If these brotherhoods then also bring it about that these souls come within their sphere of influence after death – which may well lie within their villainous power – then that brotherhood gains a huge amount of power. These materialists are not materialists because they do not believe in the spirit; these materialistic initiates are not so stupid. They know very well what are the implications of the spirit. But they cause the souls to remain within matter even after death in order to make use of them for their own purposes. They create a clientele of dead souls that remain within the sphere of the earth. These dead souls possess forces that can be guided in various ways which make it possible to gain quite specific powers over those who are not party to such things.” – Rudolf Steiner Secret Brotherhoods and the Mystery of the Human Double P. 135

Love -Wisdom -Truth:
“That which must be acquired by mankind — freedom of the will — can be acquired only during Earth-evolution.” Rudolf Steiner- The Occult Movement in the Nineteenth Century -Lecture 5-

“Of the deepest meaning of the pentagram we may not now speak. But it is the star of humanity, of evolving humanity; it is the star that all wise men follow, as did the Priest-Sages of old. It symbolises the very essence and meaning of earth-existence.” Rudolf Steiner-Signs and Symbols of the Christmas Festival

The mantra repeated again and again, is that what we once knew will not be coming back, or so certain parties want us to believe. The complete collapse of the old system, at this point, is inevitable. Rome didn’t fall in a day and it may take some time, as it falls everyone will lose something, many will lose everything. Are we going to lose our freedom, ourselves and each other as well?

“Imagine that the way of thinking that dominates mankind today, the materialistic way of thinking, were to prevail. We are now at the point where human culture divides into two streams. Suppose this materialistic way of thinking were to triumph: then, beginning with Russia, the whole of humanity would become mechanized in spirit, vegetative in soul, bestial in body, because the evolution of the Earth leads fatally to that. Earth evolution itself used to provide the forces that animate the human being; we can follow that process right up to the fifteenth century. […]

Only up to the fifteenth century could the Earth give to the human being that which, unconsciously, he found within himself. Mother Earth could only be the power that develops the human being until that time. Since then it behoves man to work his way towards an imaginative, spiritual conception of the world and his fellow men, in order to find again the proper relationship of man to man. If this materialistic conception of existence were to prevail, then what I have just said would come about. Desolation would spread over the Earth and the War of All against All would come more quickly.” Rudolf Steiner- “Geisteswissenschaftliche Behandlung sozialer und padagogisher Fragen”, lecture 11 (GA 192. Page 246)

We have a choice. Do we acquiesce to what they have planned for us; a new world order built upon fear and scarcity?

“Around the world we’re closing borders, COVID-19 on the rise.
A new world order behind closed doors, the storm will pass, we will survive.
We will rise, we will rise again, our isles will rise again.
We will rise, we will rise again, our world will rise again,”

Or do enough of us say no and build an alternative, a new normal far better than the old normal, from the ground up, a sphere based upon common law, brotherly love, freedom, abundance and new forms of technology that work with the etheric life forces, the seed that will carry humanity forward to its intended destiny?

“What is love? A power that does not allow hatred. What has been built without love always has been destroyed, for the foundation of things is Love, and without a foundation, nothing can be built.” – Beinsa Douno.

Your id2020 number, quantum dot implants, computer brain interface and other bio-integrated technology will ever more connect your soul to the great ‘Ai’ being of the Internet, the binding of the human spirit to the Eighth Sphere can then truly begin.

“The Eighth Sphere is not a physical place, it is a state of being, a condition, where the ‘I’ is so destroyed that no free action of a person is possible.” – Frank Burdich  supersensible researcher

It may help with understanding if one holds in mind the possibility that space and time are constructs of physical reality and that they do not exist, as such, in non-physical dimensions of being.

“Now–and this seems like a contradiction in terms–there is non–being. It is a state, not of nothingness, but a state in which probabilities and possibilities are known and anticipated but blocked from expression. Dimly, through what you would call history, hardly remembered, there was such as state. It was a state of agony in which the powers of creativity and existence were known, but the ways to produce them were not known. This is the lesson that All That Is had to learn, and that could not be taught. This is the agony from which creativity originally was drawn., and its reflection is still seen. All That Is retains memory of that state, and it serves as a constant impetus–in your terms–toward renewed creativity. Each self, as a part of All That Is, therefore also retains memory of that state. It is for this reason that each minute consciousness is endowed with the impetus toward survival, change, development, and creativity. It is not enough that All That Is, as a primary consciousness gestalt, desires further being, but that each portion of It also carries this determination.” – The Seth Material  The God Concept

When you love someone, you see their uniqueness. That uniqueness is the result of or the expression of creativity, of being as opposed to non-being. Non-being, being the lack of ability to manifest an inner potential or possibility. So, freedom is being as opposed to non-being. The freer we are the greater the potential to manifest uniqueness and therefore add to the potentiality of love within all that is. If you separate yourself from love and then choose to love, then that love is ever more perfect.

The adversarial powers are needed for our development, from a higher perspective so called evil is there to serve the good.

“Men speak of good and evil, but they do not know that it is necessary in the great plan that evil, too, should come to its peak, in order that those who have to overcome it should, in the very overcoming of evil, so use their force that a still greater good results from it.” – Rudolf Steiner

Current events can be seen on the one hand as a kind of perverse/inverse initiation but, on the other, as the impetus needed to work towards true Initiation. The battle for humanity takes place within every single human being, the external world is but a reflection.

“The responsibility for your life and your world is indeed yours. It has not been forced upon you by some outside agency. You form your own dreams, and you form your own physical reality. The world is what you are. It is the physical materialization of the inner selves which have formed it…

There is no man who hates but that that hatred is reflected outward and made physical. And there is no man who loves but that that love is reflected outward and made physical.” – The Seth Material  The God Concept

Choose wisely.

David O’Hagan

April 2020

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